[MP3] Coupons & Christa Vi’s ‘Emerald Bay’


Coupons & Christa Vi

Here’s a luscious slice of flyaway Disco from Sydney based duo Coupons. Emerald Bay sees them teaming up with the Australian come Londoner singer/songwriter who’s name is on everybody’s lips, Christa Vi for all kinds of holiday, boating and sunshine musical metaphors. Just stop for a moment, and drink this in.

“Well, that’s pretty Tropical” is something you might say about this Emerald Bay. And you’d be fairly justified in your assessment, because it is pretty damn Tropical. From the laid back tune’s opening salvo of Island purcussion it’s all growling funky basslines, steady Disco beats and shimmering synths. Christa weaves a nice little mental picture of summery days and holiday vibes until there really isn’t anything you can do to dislike this track. It’s just all about good times.

Coupons (Feat. Christa Vi) – Emerald Bay

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Coupons & Show Your Shoe


Oh, this was always going to be fun. Coupons & Show Your Shoe teaming up to interpret Jefferson Starship’s ‘Sara’.

Stripping the song right down and layering it with bouncy lead riffs and tons of synthesizer Funk this head on collision between two of the most exciting acts in Nu-Disco has produced a slick summer Disco jam with a side helping of keyboard wizardry. Put together by Coupons and Show Your Shoe sending ideas back and forth the team up’s end result is the one track you should be taking to the beach with you.

Coupons & Show Your Shoe – Sara

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More from Show Your Shoe’s reMix EP with Coupons

Yesterday we pimped out Beaumont’s reMix of ‘Jetskiing’ from Show Your Shoe’s ‘Technik City Revisited’ EP of reMixes.

Today you can have a listen to Coupons awesome Disco/DancePop take on ‘Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor’, it’s such simple groove yet so perfectly executed and the addition of double-timing the House piano halfway brings the song to a euphoric crescendo. This remix EP is defiantly something you should get your hands on, it’s top quality throughout.

♫ Show Your Shoe – Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor (Coupons reMix)

‘Technik City’ and ‘Technik City Revisited’ are out now.

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