Show Your Shoe reMixes Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry

Show Your Shoe is back! After some time away from music with a flooded studio Nico has got his Disco groove back and whist there are some special tracks waiting in the wings he is announcing his return to the party with this reMix of New York Indie-Electro duo Freedom Fry’s Summer In the City.

The Swiss wonder has always has game above that of many of his contemporaries, he has an ability to make musical connection, and find unique grooves that leaves many others in the dust. His reMix of Summer In the City is a Tropical House mash-up with quirky melodies and intricate percussion. Nico brings a feel-good beach vibe to the track and once again, his use of percussion as a melodic instrument adds an added euphoric funk. The whole island groove is give a House kick with a slick piano line and a thumping beat, the perfect sunshine combination. Show Your Shoe has been quite far too long, we’re so glad he’s back!

♫ Freedom Fry – Summer In The City (Show Your Shoe reMix)

The Summer In The City reMix EP is out now on Bandcamp with a track listing that reads like a who’s-who of electronic rumors favourites.

Buy Freedom Fry’s music from:


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