Popskarr’s new single


South African reMix and production duo Popskarr have just dropped their new single ‘Tonight’ for free.

‘Tonight’ is a song of two levels. On one hand it’s got a stomping modern Electro beat and a touch of Electro-House about it, but on top of that the chords and vocals are really melancholic 80’s. It’s an interesting combination that really works and as the track builds toward it;’s finale there is a real sense of drama about the track. reMixes are supplied by, amongst others, Show Your Shoe and King Of Town. SYS show us a different side to his work with a chilled, almost ambient tune. Rolling, glitchy, drums and broken synths are used to their fullest effect to create a really involving atmospheric electronic peice. King Of Town go all out with a dancefloor oriented ElectroPop stomper, heavy on the sweeping.

Popskarr – Tonight (Original)

Popskarr – Tonight (Show Your Shoe reMix)

Popskarr – Tonight (King Of Town’s Destroy The Brain Or Remove The Head reMix)

You can download the whole EP for free here.

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