[Audio] Adeyhawke & Sferro’s ‘Program Tina’



We’re fast approaching the release of Adeyhawke’s new EP, Kodachrome Sundae, via Girlfriend Records. The amount we’ve posted about the EPs tracks, it feels like we’ve been waiting for ages, but now with a release date set for later this month we can have a listen to the releases final track, a collaboration between Adeyhawke and Girlfriend label boss Sferro, Program Tina.

Adeyhawke & Sferro bring the tempo down a bit on this one, exuding laid back, nostalgic, electronic vibes. The best is slow and steady, I’m not going to go so far as to say Dubstep, but it’s in that arena, with heaps of shimmering synths on top. Actually, this is probably the closes thing that exists to DubstepSynthWave, as the track is washed in subtly Dubstep-esque flourishes, all mixed up with some luscious, epic, vintage synthesizer music.

♫ Adeyhawke & Sferro – Program Tina

Adeyhawke’s Kodachrome Sundae EP is released 20th August.

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[Audio] Sferro’s new EP



One of the many highlights of this musical week has been the release of the new EP from Girlfriend Records main man, Sferro. Not only has he released a beautiful five tracks of synth gold, but he’s also placed his fate in your hands with a pay-what-you-like price for the EP. I suppose, if you were a genuinely terrible person, that could mean you could pick it up for free, but we suggest slipping a few buck in the direction of someone pouring their digital heart out is the least you could do. No judgement. Or a lot of judgement. Whatever.

Wetware Computer is the name of the EP, which is all very William Gibson (there’s even a track called the tried and tested High Tech Low Life), a theme which carries over into the music. Four tacks (and a reMix) which deliver on the promise of soundtracking a dystopian, urban, dark future and a technological singularity. Autonomous Robot kicks off the EP, a steady and majestic introduction. An undulating synthetic chorus set to a machine beat that leads into the slightly more human Intelligent Systems. Intelligent Systems brings a little Boogie to this cold, cyborg collection, warming up proceedings with a laid back synth Funk bass and infectious hook. Wetware Computer follows, eschewing the dancefloor in favour of providing a haunting musical interlude. Sounding a little like 80s UK Sci-Fi TV themes (which is a compliment BTW) Wetware Computer layers, thick, rich and piercing sounds to create an intriguing, emotionally resonant, package of intertwining melodies. The aforementioned High tech Low Life comes next, and fittingly sounds a little like late 80s EBM, all steady pounding rhythms and buzzing synths. This is tempered with a hypnotic, shining melody that acts as a nice counterbalance. The EP rounds off with a reMix of Autonomous Robot by French SynthWaver Tommy, who turns in a galactic oddessy of a tune with some really interesting use of instrumentation and a full, encompassing, sound. We should make not of the fact that a few of the tracks on the EP are followed by reveres snippets of something or other. Honestly, we haven’t had the time to load them up in an audio editor and play them backward, but I’m sure they’ll turn out to be a ‘thing’. I guess we’ll have to wait an see, in the meantime go and check out this quality EP.

♫ Sferro – Autonomous Robot

♫ Sferro – Intelligent Systems

♫ Sferro – Autonomous Robot (Tommy reMix)

You can pick up a copy of Sferro’s Wetware Computer EP here.

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[Audio] FM Attack and Sferro reMix Frankfurt Express

Frankfurt Express

Frankfurt Express are a French retro ElectroPop duo, featuring singer Yota, a name you might recognise from gracing from a handful of awesome Nu-Disco records, who are about to release their new single. the track, Frankfurt Express is a lush, warm slice of quirky, Kraftwerk flavoured, SynthPop. the singe boasts reMixes from the mighty Lifelike (who also co-produced the single), and these two rad cuts from SynthWavers FM Attack and Sferro.

FM Attack’s take on Wake Up, is a surprisingly gothic twist on Italo influenced SynthWave, with vocal samples morphed into a haunting choir and reverb drenched guitar licks amidst the dance beats and squelchy bassline. this all works brilliantly with the vocal, creating a weird, but excellent, dark DiscoPop hybrid. Girlfriend Records head honcho Sferro turns in a woozy DreamPop version of the track. Loaded with dreamlike synths phasing in and out of the track and magical melodies. With razor sharp synth cutting through the track, Sferro’s mix grabs your attention whilst lulling you into a hypnotic state. An amazing single package from the guys.

♫ Frankfurt Express – Wake Up (FM Attack reMix)

♫ Frankfurt Express – Wake Up (Sferro reMix)

Frankfurt Express’ Wake Up is released 15th February, but is available now on Juno.

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Johnatron & Sferro’s ‘Frozen’

Johnatron & Sferro

Girlfriend Records continue their bid for SynthWave world domination, following Le Prix awesome ‘Cosmonova’ their second commercial (they have a long history of free releases) EP comes from Girlfriend head honcho Sferro and San Jose producer Johnatron.

‘Frozen’ is an rousing dance track that is build upon the DNA of SynthWave, Dreamwave and Italo with a health does of the atmospheric. The solid Italo beat and bassline make it unmistakably for the dancefloor, but the lush chords and the haunting vocal, that weaves it’s way in and out of the melodies, give it an otherwordly, dreamlike, quality that sees to wrap you up and sweep you along with it. The flip side, ‘Frozen’ is, well, it’s kinda’ like what Psy Trance would sound like if it was made by people who actually liked music. Hypnotic and ever evolving, but musical and sonically rich. The single conatins some beautiful artword from DW Design too.

♫ Johnatron & Sferro – Frozen

‘Frozen’ is out19th June.

Check out more from Johnatron & Sferro on SoundCloud.

Futurecop! & Sferro

Futurecop! are currently running a reMix competition for their forthcoming EP ‘Starworshipper’ (that’s right, they are not content with their summer crushing single ‘Dreams’ blowing up right now, ‘Starworshipper’ is out next month!).

Sferro, the head-honcho of the awesome Girlfriend Records gang has turned the track into a chilled synthetic ballad with an almost Old School Electro beat. I can so imagine B-Boys in the 80’s spinning on lino and poppin’ & lockin’ to this tune! The original vocals are pretty 80’s anyway, the beat in this reMix just highlights the fact. I guess when you get two 80’s loving acts like Futurecop! and Sferro together this kinda’ of thing is bound to happen. Let hope it happens more!

♫ Futurecop! – Starworshipper (Sferro reMix)

‘Starworshipper’ is out next month, we’ll be running our interview with Futurecop! in the lead up to the EP’s release!

Futurecop! @ Beatport

Futurecop! @ Juno

Futurecop! @ 7Digital

Futurecop! @ Amazon

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Sferro’s début EP

Sferro is the solo project of Eric Sferro, head honcho at Girlfriend Records, and he’s just let loose his début EP, for free.

The EP, ‘New Output’ contains 4 tracks of sweeping, 80’s soundtrack inspired, electronic epics. Leaning more toward the Valerie end of the Dreamwave spectrum, Sferro’s music is intricate and absorbing, as if written as a soundtrack to your like, personally. Analog synth lines ascend,  fall and intertwine over Old School Electro beats to create something pretty special that never fails to keep your musical interest.

Sferro – New Output

Sferro – Reverie

‘New Output’ is another fine free release from Girlfriend Records.

Sferro @ Girlfriend Records

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