Johnatron & Sferro’s ‘Frozen’

Johnatron & Sferro

Girlfriend Records continue their bid for SynthWave world domination, following Le Prix awesome ‘Cosmonova’ their second commercial (they have a long history of free releases) EP comes from Girlfriend head honcho Sferro and San Jose producer Johnatron.

‘Frozen’ is an rousing dance track that is build upon the DNA of SynthWave, Dreamwave and Italo with a health does of the atmospheric. The solid Italo beat and bassline make it unmistakably for the dancefloor, but the lush chords and the haunting vocal, that weaves it’s way in and out of the melodies, give it an otherwordly, dreamlike, quality that sees to wrap you up and sweep you along with it. The flip side, ‘Frozen’ is, well, it’s kinda’ like what Psy Trance would sound like if it was made by people who actually liked music. Hypnotic and ever evolving, but musical and sonically rich. The single conatins some beautiful artword from DW Design too.

♫ Johnatron & Sferro – Frozen

‘Frozen’ is out19th June.

Check out more from Johnatron & Sferro on SoundCloud.

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