[Audio] Adeyhawke’s ‘In Memorex’



Part of his forthcoming EP for Girlfriend Records, In Memorex is the latest tune from Irish RoboDisco producer Adeyhawke. We’ve been loving his releases this year, after a period of quiet, he’s back bigger than ever with tunes that have us chomping at the bit to get our hands on this new EP.

In Memorex is a massive big room synthetic Disco tune. This one’s all about going big. Big beats, big basslines and big synth riffs. With an amazing 80s Electronic Soul swing in the bass department, the track is ridden by layers of playful snyth lines and vocal samples. In Memorex delivers infectious Electro Boogie vibes to todays Disco dancefloors, and does it with style.

♫ Adeyhawke – In Memorex

Adeyhawke’s EP is out in the coming weeks.

Buy Adeyhawke’s music from:

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