[Audio] Adeyhawke’s ‘Storm Runner’



It’s been a while, but Irish SynthWave/Dreamwave/Nu-Disco dude Adeyhawke is back and fighting fit. As the producer jumps back into our consciousness he hits the ground running with his latest tune, Storm Runner. It’s a huge tune, and exciting tune, a tune that definitely makes us remember what we’ve been missing. And, hopefully, a tune that signals a resurgence of Adeyhawke activity.

Storm Runner is a beast of many faces. Blending the epic quality of SynthWave, the groove of Nu-Disco and the infectious hook of Indie-Electro, Adeyhawke serves up a smörgåsbord of gritty powerful hooks and sparking synth riffs. It’s got a cool retro feel, especially in some of the soaring solos, but a very contemporary production style, bringing all these emotionally resonant electronic music styles into the big room for thousand-yard-stare dance-off. We really can’t stop listening to this one.

♫ Adeyhawke – Storm Runner

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