[Audio] Adeyhawke & Sferro’s ‘Program Tina’



We’re fast approaching the release of Adeyhawke’s new EP, Kodachrome Sundae, via Girlfriend Records. The amount we’ve posted about the EPs tracks, it feels like we’ve been waiting for ages, but now with a release date set for later this month we can have a listen to the releases final track, a collaboration between Adeyhawke and Girlfriend label boss Sferro, Program Tina.

Adeyhawke & Sferro bring the tempo down a bit on this one, exuding laid back, nostalgic, electronic vibes. The best is slow and steady, I’m not going to go so far as to say Dubstep, but it’s in that arena, with heaps of shimmering synths on top. Actually, this is probably the closes thing that exists to DubstepSynthWave, as the track is washed in subtly Dubstep-esque flourishes, all mixed up with some luscious, epic, vintage synthesizer music.

♫ Adeyhawke & Sferro – Program Tina

Adeyhawke’s Kodachrome Sundae EP is released 20th August.

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