[Audio] ]Adeyhawke’s ‘Kodachrome Sundae’



We’re so glad that Irish synthetic Disco don Adeyhawke is back in the game. After his return to our radar in March with Storm Runner we’re pleases to see another new tune unleashed this week. The awesomely titled Kodachrome Sundae is part of his forthcoming EP release on Girlfriend Records alongside the previously heard Storm Runner and Looker.

I think Kodachrome Sundae is our favourite of Adeyhawke’s new track so far. A complex and funky synthesizer workout that is just as compelling for your ears as it is for your feet. Interlocking layers of punchy retro synths all slot in together to make the whole arrangement work, each tiny element having an important place in the whole. This really is a track greater than the sum of it’s parts, a nostalgic sounding, electronic Disco symphony that sees  Adeyhawke skilfully conducting an orchestra of digital goodness. The bassline alone is enough to make you jump out of your seat. Check it out.

♫ Adeyhawke – Kodachrome Sundae

Adeyhawke’s EP is out in the coming weeks.

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