[Audio] Plastic Plates & Sam Sparro’s ‘Stay In Love’


Plastic Plates

Earlier this month Felix Bloxsom A.K.A. the awesome Plastic Plates released his new single. Mixing up his luscious synthetic Disco with a little ElectroPop flair from good friend Sam Sparro, Stay In Love really is a slice of Pop excellence that, given the right exposure, could see Plastic Plates getting the recognition he heartily deserves, even charting.

Sparro’s voice glides like silk over this Italo inspired tune. The synths are warm and rich, particularly the bounce heave bassline, and the beats suitably House-y. This is probably the most Poppy Plastic Plates has gone to date, but that doesn’t mean this tune isn’t perfectly fit for the dancefloor. Like a chameleon, it could adapt itself beautifully to either radio play or peak time action.

♫ Plastic Plates (Feat. Sam Sparro) – Stay In Love

Plastic Plates’ Stay In Love is out now.

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[Audio] Sam Sparro’s ‘The Shallow End’ reMixes


So, right now there’s a competition going-on on Beatport, a reMix competition. I know, I know, it;s enough to make you stockpile food and lock yourself in until it blows over, but this one seems to be going alright. The track in question is ElectroPop crooner Sam Sparro’s The Shallow End, from his Return To Paradise album. Apparently the remix-competition-entering-talentless-idiot-masses don’t consider Sam Sparro ‘hype’ enough to be all over this, which kinda’ just proves how shallow and uninspired serial reMix competition entrants are. So what we have is an altogether more intelligent class of reMix talent , so here’s a couple that have ignited out interest.

First up the awesome, and underrated Ugly Kids pitch a lush part-Tropical, part-massive ElectroPop reMix that really captures the groove of the song whist making it truly Ugly Kids’ own. Alongside this uplifting monster is the entry from Cut Slack. Cut Slack turn in a deep synth-funk groove with bouncing bass and slick licks. Newcomer nikakeys enters a deliciously bass laden version of the tune that’s built on some huge stabs and uses the originals’ sax to maximum effect in a funky Disco melting pot. Dats, from Belgium, goes all the way Tropical-Indie-Disco with steel-drum synths and more of that sax crafting a floorfilling summer anthem out of the original. There definitely a high level of quality in this competition, and out inbox isn’t flooded, which means we can enjoy the results more.

♫ The Shallow End (Ugly Kids Tropical reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Cut Slack reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (nikakeys reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Dats reMix)

Sam Sparro’s Shades Of Grey is released 27th November on EMI.

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[Audio] Plastic Plates reMixes Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro

It’s another funktastic reMix from American producer Plastic Plates. Only days after his reMix of The Preset’s Promises broke cover he’s already lines up another big one. This time it’s ElectroPop crooner Sam Sparro, and his forthcoming new single Shades Of Grey, that gets the Plates synth Funk treatment.

This one’s all about the the dance between an amazingly infectious synth bass and Sparro’s unusually floaty vocal. The two together soar to the funkiest of places. With a twisting Moog bass a chorus piano hook, Plastic Plates keeps it simple, but simple works so well here when every element is honed to Disco perfection. This tune takes you on a nice trip, to Funkytown in the verses with a passing visit to Chicago in the choruses, this is the way to reMix purely for the dancefloor. This’ll make ‘em get down, and it really does bring the epic in it’s finale.

♫ Sam Sparro – Shades Of Grey (Plastic Plates reMix)

Sam Sparro’s Shades Of Grey is released 27th November on EMI.

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Sam Sparro’s ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ reMixes

sam sparro

Sam Sparro, the man with the croonyest voice in electronic Pop music is back with the second, and lead-in, single taken from his forthcoming ‘Return To Paradise’. It’s more classic Pop, less Disco, than the previous single ‘Happiness’. Actually more like the Sam Sparro of old, but slightly more musically mature.

The single comes complete with an eclectic reMix package, the reaction to which I have found interesting and a little bewildering. The music blog world is awash with the Azari & III reMix, which has the typically deep, stripped down Chicago House vibe you’d expect from them. It’s actually a really cool track with a sweet hypnotic pulse, but it’s not the best reMix on the single. A fewer number of blogs have picked up on the Stereogamous mix, with it’s robo Disco groove that highlights the emotion of the vocals, also an very nice track, but not the best reMix on the single either. The standout reMix comes from Devil’s Gun, and that’s a massive surprise. When I think of Devil’s Gun I usually think of something dark and gritty. Even on their collaboration with future Pop starlet Queen Of Hearts they kept things grinding and doom laden, but with their reMix of ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ they go positively Dreamwave. It got a huge Disco sound with layers and layers of chunky synths that give it a touch of that grit, alongside a solid retro Disco flavour. It’s big and funky and fun and I have no idea why it’s been largely overlooked by the music blog world. I suppose Devil’s Gun don’t drive the same kind of traffic as Azari & III though, not yet anyway…

♫ Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Devil’s Gun reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Azari & III reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Stereogamous reMix)

‘I Wish I Never Met You’ is taken from Sam Sparro’s forthcoming new album, ‘Return To Paradise’, out 27th May.

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The Magician reMixes Sam Sparro


ElectroPop crooner Sam Sparro’s latest single, ‘Happiness’ has been given a right good synthetic Disco going over from Belgium’s finest; The Magician.

I wouldn’t have immediately thought Sparro’s neo-Erasure style would have played this well with Fasano’s sound, but it really does, so well. The reMix managers to keep this funky and play up to the drama of Sparro’s vocals with a 242-esque bouncy bass and some chilling, buy funky, synths. This is probably the deepest track The Magician has put out to date and it just shows he’s not a one trick pony.

♫ Sam Sparro – Happiness (The Magician reMix)

‘Happiness’ is taken from Sam Sparro’s forthcoming new album, ‘Return To Paradise’, out 27th May.

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Kimbra reMix from Sam Sparro


Sam Sparro, alongside Golden Touch, is next in line to reMix New Zealand’s queen of pop Kimbra’ ‘Cameo Lover’.

The duo go down an analog Pop route with some smooth 80’s sounds and hint of Disco yet for the chorus keeps the 60’s Pop flavour. We are rapidly approaching over saturation of ‘Cameo Lover’ reMixes so Sam got in at a good time. It’s an awesome track, but I think If I hear another reMix I’d like it to go down a road other than Disco. G.L.O.V.E.S. and Shook have done that better than most could already.

Kimbra – Cameo Lover (Sam Sparro & Golden Touch Rmx)

Kimbra’s ‘Cameo Lover’ is out soon.

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Mike Simonetti & Sam Sparrow’s new video

Here’s the video for New Jersey DiscoPop producer Mike Simonetti and ElectroPop crooner Sam Sparro’s ‘The Third Of Storms’ single.

Directed by Generatto, the video is Rollertastic.

‘The Third Of Storms’  is taken from Mike Simonetti’s début album, ‘Capricorn Rising’, released on his own Italians Do It Better imprint.

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Penguin Prison: ‘Golden Train’ reMixes

Penguin Prison’s new single ‘Golden Train’ is less than a month from release. I used to call PP Bedroom Pop, I’m not sure if I still can, his sound had defiantly got bigger and the new single is the best example of this so far.

Some awesome reMixes grace the single too. Sam Sparro delivers what i consider to be the best, it’s a Disco Pop workout that got an infectious groove that’s just a suited to the dancefloor as the radio. UK outfit Boxed In turn in a broken Techno/Disco mix with added Jazz piano!

‘Golden Train’ is shaping up to be an excellent single package!

Penguin Prison – Golden Train (Sam Sparro reMix)

Penguin Prison – Golden Train (Boxed In reMix)

‘Golden Train’ is released on 22nd November.

Penguin Prison @ Neon Gold

Penguin Prison @ 7Digital

Penguin Prison @ Amazon

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