[Audio] Alixander III And Marsupials’ ‘Broken Promises’


Alixander III

Having spilt up from Azari & III, III of Azari & III, know to you sir as Alixander III, is serving up a nice line in deep and acidic classic House. Returning to the Toy Tonics label he’s about to release a collaborative EP titled Heavy Friends EP II. The first track to break ground from the forthoming release is Broken Promises. The tune features work from Italian fellow House heads Marsupials and although the EP is said to be inspired by the early Techno sounds of Detroit, we can hear a lot of Chicago in there too.

Broken Promises is deep and dark, but with a solid groove, like all good Detroit Techno should be. A six minute beast that counters undulating Techno beats with Warehouse Acid and Disco strings. Dropping those Disco loops into a bubbling Acid track gives it a nice little twist while all manner of intoxicating 303 hooks, House organ and filtered arpeggios dance around the track. Set to a solid mix of 909 kicks and 808 purcussion, Broken Promises is a heady floorfiller for late night underground parties.

♫ Alixander III And Marsupials – Broken Promises

Alixander III’s Heavy Friends EP II is released 14th September.

Check out more from Alixander III on SoundCloud.

Sam Sparro’s ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ reMixes

sam sparro

Sam Sparro, the man with the croonyest voice in electronic Pop music is back with the second, and lead-in, single taken from his forthcoming ‘Return To Paradise’. It’s more classic Pop, less Disco, than the previous single ‘Happiness’. Actually more like the Sam Sparro of old, but slightly more musically mature.

The single comes complete with an eclectic reMix package, the reaction to which I have found interesting and a little bewildering. The music blog world is awash with the Azari & III reMix, which has the typically deep, stripped down Chicago House vibe you’d expect from them. It’s actually a really cool track with a sweet hypnotic pulse, but it’s not the best reMix on the single. A fewer number of blogs have picked up on the Stereogamous mix, with it’s robo Disco groove that highlights the emotion of the vocals, also an very nice track, but not the best reMix on the single either. The standout reMix comes from Devil’s Gun, and that’s a massive surprise. When I think of Devil’s Gun I usually think of something dark and gritty. Even on their collaboration with future Pop starlet Queen Of Hearts they kept things grinding and doom laden, but with their reMix of ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ they go positively Dreamwave. It got a huge Disco sound with layers and layers of chunky synths that give it a touch of that grit, alongside a solid retro Disco flavour. It’s big and funky and fun and I have no idea why it’s been largely overlooked by the music blog world. I suppose Devil’s Gun don’t drive the same kind of traffic as Azari & III though, not yet anyway…

♫ Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Devil’s Gun reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Azari & III reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Stereogamous reMix)

‘I Wish I Never Met You’ is taken from Sam Sparro’s forthcoming new album, ‘Return To Paradise’, out 27th May.

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MNDR reMixed by Azari & III


MNDR’s ‘#1 In Heaven’ is one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. It’s raw, catchy and in-your-face ElectroPop, so it’s definitely a good thing that they entrusted it to someone with such a track records as deep ‘90’s Housemeisters Azari & III.

Azari & III’s reMix an epic building, hypnotic track full a massive dose of Beep House (probably my favourite (defunct) House genre). it’s chock full of rattling 909 hats, square basses, resonant synths and a moody, intoxicating atmosphere that would have killed in late ‘80’s warehouse parties. Totally different from the original, Azari & III have made a powerful complimentary track.

MNDR – #1 In Heaven (Azari And III reMix)

‘#1 In Heaven’ is out now with MNDR’s full length album due out this summer, both on Ultra.

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Softwar reMix Azari & III

Azari & III

This new reMix by Australian production duo Softwar of Azari & III’s ‘Into The Night’ is a deep, deep, deep, deep DiscoHousePop masterpiece.

Keeping in time with Azari & III’s ‘90’s vibe, Softwar apply the ethos to their synth Disco. Square ‘90’s House bass and keys dominate this mix, alongside some vintage 909 beats, for a moody and mysterious, late night groove. The prefect combination of nostalgic dance and a slightly edgy, enigmatic sound.

Azari & III – Into The Night (Softwar reMix)

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Sneaky Sound System’s ‘Really Want To See You Again’ reMixes


Australian ElectroPop duo Sneaky Sound System must be feeling pretty pleased with themselves, they had an awesome 2011. they released their third album, ‘From Here To Anywhere’ to critical acclaim, which spawned a bunch of singles, most notably the massive ‘Big’ featuring that Oliver reMix.

They start the new year with a new single. Taken from the aforementioned album, ‘Really Want To See You Again’ get the single treatment which kicks off with an epic extended mix. This version really highlights the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s DancePop influences on this track. Connie’s soulful and slightly gritty vocals switching from Pop Soul to House Diva effortlessly. The reMix package is pretty loaded too. Azari & III do their deep, mysterious, ‘90’s thing with the track. Cutting and pasting vocal snatches over their bass heavy Roland grooves and Sci-Fi synths. Pure deep Chicago House. Funkagenda bring us back into DiscoHouse territory adding wicked little guitar licks and a new male vocal as counterpoint to the original vocal and new heavy synth bassline. KiNK’s reMix is making some waves right now,  I wouldn’t say it was my favourite of the mixes, but it’s definitely worthy of the attention, taking the track in an almost Techno direction with it’s droning synths and, er, cuckoo clock. This is the one that’ll blow up dancefloors in Europe.

♫ Sneaky Sound System – Really Want To See You Again (Extended)

♫ Sneaky Sound System – Really Want To See You Again (Azari & III reMix)

♫ Sneaky Sound System – Really Want To See You Again (Funkagenda reMix)

♫ Sneaky Sound System – Really Want To See You Again (KiNK reMix)

‘Really Want To See You Again ‘ is out soon on Modular Recordings.

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Azari & III’s new video

Azari & III’s new single, ‘Reckless With Your Love’ has premiered in video form.

There’s some really striking visuals in here, and a load of early ‘90’s, natch!

‘Reckless With Your Love’  is released 9th December.

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Little Boots’ ‘Shake’ reMixes


I gotta’ say, I do like all this Little Boots being back business. Just knowing that Vicky is out there somewhere promoting an ElectroPop single is a calming influence on me, takes me back to those early, exciting days of electronic rumors.

A couple of new reMixes of her latest (comeback?) single ‘Shake’ have dropped this week. Azari & III, not strikingly, go deep with the track. Really deep. Their reMix is a growling, swelling, slightly techy jam that shoes off some nice raw 808 drum sounds and reminds me a little of early Bleep House. In their hands ‘Shake’ goes from being DancePop gold to a hypnotic  mantra. Crazy P head straight for the disco with their take on the track, taking a little Indie along with them. their version is a laidback, but groovy summer vibe.

Little Boots – Shake (Azari & III reMix)

Little Boots – Shake (Crazy P reMix)

‘Shake’ is available right now.

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Azari & III’s ‘Manic’ video

Azari & III’s single ‘Manic’ has not got a video.

This amazingly catchy, house single is just a precursor to their self-titled album, which promises to be a stormer.

‘Manic’ is out now with Azari & III’s album following 8th August.

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Azari & III reMix Monarchy


More reMixes of Monarchy’s forthcoming single, ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ incoming, this time Azari & III’s, which I’ve been waiting for.

Azari & III have an amazing ability to make deep, dark, 90’s House influenced tunes that are also totally catchy and Poppy. On the reMix here, Azari & III have produced a full-on House monster reminiscent of sweaty, early 90’s, warehouse parties. Deep, electronic and slightly Acidic, this mix just makes me more eager to hear their forthcoming album on Modular.

Monarchy – Maybe I’m Crazy (Azari & III reMix)

‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ is Monarchy’s next single, with reMixes from Michael Woods and Diskjokke, as well. It’s taken from the amazing album ‘Around The Sun’, out now.

Buy Monarchy’s music from:

Azari & III’s ‘Manic’

I’m really digging the new single from Canadian eclectic House/ElectroPop duo Azari & III.

‘Manic’ is pure deep sexbeat goodness. A rolling beat and electronic bassline coupled with the 80’s R&B vocals on hypnotic, brain infesting, “oooh oooh”s create, with the sweeping synths, is real mix up of Detroit, Disco and 90’s UK House. Whatever it is, there isn’t anyone quite like Azari & III around at the moment, and we’re glad they are.

Azari & III – Manic

‘Manic’ is out on 24th July with reMixes from DJ Sneak, Tiger & Woods, Finger Prince and Christian Aids.

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