[Audio] Sam Sparro’s ‘The Shallow End’ reMixes


So, right now there’s a competition going-on on Beatport, a reMix competition. I know, I know, it;s enough to make you stockpile food and lock yourself in until it blows over, but this one seems to be going alright. The track in question is ElectroPop crooner Sam Sparro’s The Shallow End, from his Return To Paradise album. Apparently the remix-competition-entering-talentless-idiot-masses don’t consider Sam Sparro ‘hype’ enough to be all over this, which kinda’ just proves how shallow and uninspired serial reMix competition entrants are. So what we have is an altogether more intelligent class of reMix talent , so here’s a couple that have ignited out interest.

First up the awesome, and underrated Ugly Kids pitch a lush part-Tropical, part-massive ElectroPop reMix that really captures the groove of the song whist making it truly Ugly Kids’ own. Alongside this uplifting monster is the entry from Cut Slack. Cut Slack turn in a deep synth-funk groove with bouncing bass and slick licks. Newcomer nikakeys enters a deliciously bass laden version of the tune that’s built on some huge stabs and uses the originals’ sax to maximum effect in a funky Disco melting pot. Dats, from Belgium, goes all the way Tropical-Indie-Disco with steel-drum synths and more of that sax crafting a floorfilling summer anthem out of the original. There definitely a high level of quality in this competition, and out inbox isn’t flooded, which means we can enjoy the results more.

♫ The Shallow End (Ugly Kids Tropical reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Cut Slack reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (nikakeys reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Dats reMix)

Sam Sparro’s Shades Of Grey is released 27th November on EMI.

Buy Sam Sparro’s music from:

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