[Audio] Plastic Plates & Sam Sparro’s ‘Stay In Love’


Plastic Plates

Earlier this month Felix Bloxsom A.K.A. the awesome Plastic Plates released his new single. Mixing up his luscious synthetic Disco with a little ElectroPop flair from good friend Sam Sparro, Stay In Love really is a slice of Pop excellence that, given the right exposure, could see Plastic Plates getting the recognition he heartily deserves, even charting.

Sparro’s voice glides like silk over this Italo inspired tune. The synths are warm and rich, particularly the bounce heave bassline, and the beats suitably House-y. This is probably the most Poppy Plastic Plates has gone to date, but that doesn’t mean this tune isn’t perfectly fit for the dancefloor. Like a chameleon, it could adapt itself beautifully to either radio play or peak time action.

♫ Plastic Plates (Feat. Sam Sparro) – Stay In Love

Plastic Plates’ Stay In Love is out now.

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