[Audio] Ryan Riot reMixes Passion Pit

Passion Pit

Swiss Dreamwaver Ryan Riot is topping of his year with this classy reMix of Passion Pit’s Carried Away. As the reMix contest for this track draws to a close we’re sure to be inundated with version of this tune for the next couple of weeks. Damn reMix competitions. Still, Ryan is onto a winner here as he injects the track with a playful Disco groove.

Keeping the structure of the track intact, Ryan gets funky with it and has a good time with a popcorn riff and pounding, infectious, bass hook. the track perfectly the captures the spirit of Passion Pit, that summery Indie goodness, but drags it kicking and screaming onto the dancefloor. Surely this track is a winner, we can’t imaging a more fitting Passion Pit reMix than this, this is how all Passion Pit reMixes should sound.

♫ Passion Pit – Carried Away (Ryan Riot reMix)

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