KIEZ BEATS’ ‘Synthwave Vol.1’ mix by Ryan Riot


KIEZ BEATS – Synthwave Vol.1 Mix By Ryan Riot = KIEZ BEATS are really knocking the compilation out these days. This time it’s a collection of some of the finest SynthWave around, loaded with electronic rumors alumnae. Check out this mix of the album from Mr. Ryan Riot.

KIEZ BEATS Synthwave Vol.1 Mix By Ryan Riot

The tracklist:

01. Jolie Cherie – No Matter What
02. Mr. Gonzo – Dance On You
03. Ryan Riot – Loading Procedure
04. Pilotpriest – Xanadu
05. DigitalNativeDance – Rise Up
06. seipä – Sunset Highway
07. Tommy – Out Run
08. 80s Stallone – Out of the Water
09. D/A/D – Sky High
10. DYNATRON – The Pulsating Nebula
11. The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Kid Machine Vocal Mix)
12. Thomas Barrandon – Absolute Magnitude
13. Cosmonauts – Stardust (Original Mix)
14. ST – Blue
15. Mindscramble – Upstart (2012 reMix)
16. Hot Hot Hawk – Cyrax
17. Jordan F – Last Night
18. Illapa – Spark
19. FlashBoy – Corvette
20. Alpha Boy – The Return of Norman Knight
21. Jowie Schulner – A New Day
22. ALEXINO – Asphalt
23. Ace Attack – In the Dark

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