[Audio] Ryan Riot & Ay Wing’s ‘Broken Doll’ (+ Punks Jump Up reMix)


Ryan Riot

One of Switzerland’s finest Nu-Disco and House export, Ryan Riot, is set to release his newest single next month via Y Este Finde Qué’s imprint. The release sees him teaming up with Ay Wing for Broken Doll which is due out at the end of July. Not only is it a smooth as hell slice of warm House but it comes backed with a killer reMix from London’s Punks Jump Up to boot!

Deftly integrating vintage Disco mirrorball shimmer into a big Piano House track, Ryan Riot and Ay Wing serve up a soft focus floorfiller. Ryan pulls out his whole arsenal here, from the Warehouse beats to the Topical keys everything is placed for the maximum dancefloor potential. The big hooks and big, yet slightly quirky, diva vocals are present and correct here and keep the track’s energy levels high. For their reMix, Punks Jump Up strip back the groove and morph it into a late-night Acid-ish jam that is vintage sounding Chicago gold, practically a strobe light made audio. Check out those deep, warbling synths; love it!

♫ Ryan Riot & Ay Wing – Broken Doll

♫ Ryan Riot & Ay Wing – Broken Doll (Punks Jump Up reMix)

Ryan Riot & Ay Wing’s Broken Doll is released 23th July.

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[Audio] Waze & Odyssey’s ‘Feel On Fire’


Waze & Odyssey

Consistently awesome House duo Waze & Odyssey are gearing up for the release of the next EP. These workaholics art dropping new sounds at the end of this month in the form of the Ways Of The Underground EP. As per-usual these guys pour whatever the fancy into a retro dancefloor melting pot and the results are  classic dance music gold. Check out the EP’s lead track, Feel On Fire’ below.

It’s bit Chicago, a bit Acid, a bit Deep House, a bit Rave. Feel On Fire rocks a punchy and deep Bleep House bassline against Warehouse beats, Acidic burbles and Rave leads in a concoction that hits the spot. Nostalgic and upfront, this track draws on peak moments in dance music’s history and delivers them in a fresh package. Intoxicating dancefloor magic.

♫ Waze & Odyssey – Feel On Fire

Waze & Odyssey’s Ways Of The Underground EP is released 23rd February.

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[Download] AIMES’ ‘Time For Us’



Brooklyn’s AIMES seems determined to bring a little warmth and summery vibe to these cold winter months with his last few releases. The latest in his series of free singles is Time For Us, and like the others, shows off AIMES’ ability to perfectly blend influences from number of styles that are hot right now, and make them all sound personally unique.

“Vibe Huse” as AIMES calls it, presents us with a heady cocktail of Deep House and Tropical Disco, with just the tiniest hint of Chicago in the mix. A thundering beat provides the backbone for a dazzling array of swing fuelled synths. Blissful arpeggios chug along in the background while the tracks focus is taken by a demon bassline and some sweet island keys. Just sink into this one.

AIMES – Time For Us

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[Audio] Paulie’s ‘Spread Love’



Next week sees the release of the début solo record from Paulie. Paul Sidoli is one half of London-based Cosmic Disco pilots Cosmonauts and ever since he’s been sneaking out mixtapes under his own name we’ve been pretty eagerly awaiting the fruits of his solitary labour. Wrapping up both Cosmonauts space age style and a deep London club groove, Paulie presents his première record, Spread Love.

Spread Love certainly makes it’s mark, and is a confident début for Paulie. It’s a track that’s hard to ignore with it’s deep and compelling House bassline commanding the tune alongside a House/Disco hybrid beat. Spread Love takes it’s time to build up a solid groove, dropping little hints of Paulie’s galactic past into the House mix with popping Electro Toms and shuffling purcussion, all the while repeating the hypnotic Chicago style vocal hook. The track slowly whips the listeners up into a frenzy before dropping the goods about the halfway point and unleashing mesmerising dancefloor euphoria. This is one the coolest kids will be swaying to in the darkest corners of the hippest venues this summer. The single comes correct with two reMixes, a deep groove from Rambla Boys and a shockingly good, upbeat, New York Disco style version from Bath’s finest Holmes Price. Check it out next week.

♫ Paulie – Spread Love

Paulie’s Spread Love is released 6th May on Super Trooper.

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