[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘The Fear’



Bristol’s finest electronic rabble rousers The Other Tribe have been flexing their musical muscles with their latest tune. Usually more known for massive summer festival anthems and pounding House tunes, The Fear sees The Other Tribe charting new territory and dipping their collective toe into the waters of something a little more smooth, and something a little more esoteric. Check out The Fear.

This new tune find The Other Tribe folding a little Future R&B, and a little Chillwave, into their dynamic electronic sound. James delivers a slick and laid back vocal performance over an undulating swirl of woody bass and hazy synths. It’s got that subtly hunting quality that the best Chillwave tends to have but looses none of The Other Tribes trademark tribal twist, here introduced via a selection of understated purcussion. The whole thin feels both synthetic and organic at the same time and makes for perfect sunshine chilling music.

♫ The Other Tribe – The Fear

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[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘Nobody Else’



Here’s a brand new track from Bristolian party monsters The Other Tribe. We don’t know what it’s for. We don’t know if it’s going to be released. It’s just a new track OK? Sometimes having all the answers doesn’t matter. Just turn up the amp, and let Nobody Else invade your mind. (It is probably their next single though, this is, after all, a radio friendly Edit of the track, but shush, don’t worry about it).

Nobody Else is the guys current live set closer. It’s a good choice to end a set on too, it’s got that ‘just keep dancing’ feel to it, keeps the crowd wanting more. the track shows off The Other Tribes trademark combination of House grooves, manic tribal purcussion, Tropical vibes and an Indie sensibility. The result, as per-usual, is an exhilarating and tight House/Pop tune that is both intelligent and rowdy at the same time. Heartfelt vocals and some hands-in-the-air moments are just the icing on the cake.

♫ The Other Tribe – Nobody Else (Edit)

The Other Tribe’s My Girl single is out now.

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[Audio] Grum’s reMix of The Other Tribe’s ‘My Girl’



We’ve been waiting for this one for a while. We’re big fans of both Bristol Indie-Elector rabble rousers The Other Tribe and Grum, who been one of our favourite producers for the past few years, so when we heard Grum was reMixing The Other Tribe’s new single, My Girl, we were eager to get our ears round it. The track was premièred by B Traits on Friday on BBC Radio 1 with us excitedly listening.

And we weren’t disappointed. Grum mixes up a little of his old style retro Dreamwave with his new big-room grooves on this one, which works nicely with the vocals. A collision of tough beats and piercing, infectious, melodies that drill into your brain, Grum’s reMix is one of those that’s that is going to give you goosebumps whenever it is dropped, just let the uplifting synths wash over you.. Dancefloor euphoria mixed with a catchy song, what more could you ask for?

♫ The Other Tribe – My Girl (Grum reMix) (Radio Rip)

The Other Tribe’s My Girl is out 8th September.

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[Video] The Other Tribe’s ‘My Girl’


The Other Tribe   My Girl   YouTube

Here’s the video for Bristolian noiseniks The Other Tribe’ forthcoming new single, My Girl. A bouncy Tropical, House, Indie-Electro crossover destined for summer greatness.

It’s a fun video, with a plot. And we do love videos with plots, especially plots with eerie time slowing powers.

The Other Tribe’s My Girl is out 8th September.

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[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘My Girl’


The Other Tribe

Earlier this month we presented you with Your Kisses, the exclusive pre-order track that accompanies Bristolian Tropical/House/Indie-Electro mashup crew The Other Tribe’s forthcoming new single, My Girl. Now here’s the headlining tune itself, released later this summer it;s set to take the tail end of the festival season by storm.

Encompassing The Other Tribe’s now familiar melting pot of House beats, tribal purcussion, Tropical vibes and sunshine optimism, My Girl is another summer stormer from this five piece. Working just as well as a Deep House track headed straight for the dancefloor as it does an Indie anthem, commanding a euphoric sing-a-log crowd experience, the new single combines woody House basslines with burbling synths and a soaring vocal. Truly one of the finest Indie-Electro outfits in the UK right now.

♫ The Other Tribe – My Girl (Full Vocal Mix)

The Other Tribe’s My Girl is out 8th September.

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[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘Your Kisses’



This is Your Kisses, a track that will be available exclusively with pre-orders of Bristol’s finest Indie-Electro rabble rousers The Other Tribe’s forthcoming new single My Girl. A soulful House track, this could have been a single in it’s own right, but who can turn down a freebie?

Nicely mixing up The Other Tribes’ infectious tribal EelctroPop with a slick deep House groove, Your Kisses is a perfect late night jam. There’s even a hint of a Torpical vibe in there too, which gives it a nice summery feel. Not that anything The Other Tribe turn their attention to doesn’t turn out summery as hell. If you get the chance to catch these guys live during the warmer months, you’d be a fool not to.

♫ The Other Tribe – Your Kisses

The Other Tribe’s My Girl is out soon.

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[MP3] The Other Tribe reMixed by Ryan Riot



Making us proud since last summer is Bristol’s The Other Tribe, who have had their recent free single We Should Be Dancing reMixed by one of Switzerland’s top Nu-Disco producers, Ryan Riot. Here he takes a lot tougher approach than we would expect from him with an almost EBM bassline and machine beats.

Really pumping up the originals bassline and washing it in militaristic synths, Ryan Riot brings a new aggressive groove to the track. It’s a track that compels you to the dancefloor, and you don;t want to think about the consequences if you don’t, which is fitting for the song’s content. Riot goes big with everything on this track, big bass, big beats and big sweeping synths. Rocking the originals purcussion to it’s fullest, this is one reMix for peak time when the crowd won’t know what hit them.

The Other Tribe – We Should Be Dancing (Ryan Riot reMix)

The Other Tribe’s We Should Be Dancing is out now.

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[MP3] The Other Tribe’s ‘We Should Be Dancing’


The Other Tribe

No, not Bee Gee’s You Should Be Dancing. This is the new single from Bristolian noiseniks The Other Tribe. The crew are giving the single away for free, although I’m sure we’ll get some a reMix package in the future, in order to bring a little of their sunshiny, festival, vibe into our grey winter.

Exemplifying the Other Tribe’s trademark mix of big ElectroPop and Tribal House, We Should Be Dancing serves up a platter of sunshine fun riding on a particularly Depeche Mode bassline. The percussion, as always is a big driving force in this track, and what makes The Other Tribe so good live, and the track is a big more hazy than the anthemic Skirts. With a slight Disco groove, this is one for summer evenings with friends.

The Other Tribe – We Should Be Dancing

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[Audio] The Other Tribe’s ‘Sing With Your Feet’

the other tribe

Bristolian rabble rousers The Other Tribe, who played a couple of absolutely blinding sets at Bestival this year, are swiftly following up the summer anthem Skirts, with a brand new single that comes loaded with Tropical House vibes. Sing With Your Feet is released this weekend.

Our hometown six-piece have already has the Dub version of this tune featured on The Magician’s last Magic Tape, but the vocal version takes things to the next level. It’s a deep track that mixes up a House beat and bassline with some blissful Tropical musical percussion. The Other Tribe are definitely showing a knack for delivering anthemic Indie-Electro, and Sing With Your Feet, like Skirts, is a sure fine party starter. Interestingly “Sing With Your Feet” is an ancient Aztec expression for dancing, as they didn’t have another word to describe it, that’s where The Other Tribe got it from. Cool huh?

♫ The Other Tribe – Sing With Your Feet (Full Vocal Mix)

The Other Tribe’s Sing With Your Feet is released 2nd December.

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