[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me Mixtape’



Ronika – Shut Up And Kiss Me Mixtape = Who wants an hour and a half of Ronika’s handpicked? We all do, obviously. gearing up for the release of her début album, Selectadisc, next month; Ron drops some smashing tracks (including a fair few we’ve featured on these pages) so you know your in for a cavalcade of Boogie and Disco to set up your weekend.

Ronika – Shut Up And Kiss Me Mixtape

The tracklist:
01. The Subs (Feat. Colonel Abrahams) – Trapped
02. Club Nouveau – Jealousy
03. Nine Lives – Adagio
04. Kid Sister – You Ain’t Really Down
05. New Look – Janet
06. Fox The fox – Precious Little Diamond
07. Ronika – Shell Shocked
08. Justus Kohncke – Tell Me
09. Mild Peril – Galatine
10. Jessy Lanza – Keep Moving
11. Vivien Vee – Higher
12. Neptune Safari (Feat. Clara la San) – Morning Sun (Funk Le Blanc reMix)
13. Broke One – Lightheart
14. Matt Zo – Like It Used To Be
15. John Wizards – Lyongwe
16. Fingerman – Like 2 Baby
17. George Duke – Reach Out
18. Ronika – Wiyoo (Jupiter reMix)
19. The Sequence – I Just Want To Know
20. Donna Allen – Serious
21. Persnickety All Stars – One Hundred And Nine (Mr. Snippy Mix)
11. Chela – Zero

Ronika’s Selectadisc is due out 2nd June.

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[Audio] Ronika’s ‘Shell Shocked’



Our girl Ronika has finally announced her long long long awaited forthcoming début album. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome. We shouldn’t really say any more at this point, but it’s easily going to be one of the highlights of the year. It’s titled, Selectadisc, after the Notts record shop, and Ron’s giving you lot a taste of what’s to expect in the form of album track Shell Shocked. Check it out.

Shell Shocked is what Ronika does best. A slightly Disco-y blend of Pop and Electro Boogie that’s deceptively complex and insanely catchy. One of the emotional highs of the album, Shell Shocked delivers some spine tingling 80s Power Pop moments amid a sea of thick synth bassed vintage Funk. With the epicness of an 80s movie soundtrack and the street groove of Electro Soul, Shell Shocked is a fine primer for what’s to come. Believe us, this is the year Ron blows up.

♫ Ronika – Shell Shocked

Ronika’s Selectadisc is due out 2nd June.

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[Audio] CJ Mirra’s ‘RGB Flowers’


CJ Mirra

CJ Mirra is the synthetic alter-ego if John Sampson, after earning critical acclaim in the Indie world, he’s now flexing his creative muscles with an array of electronic gadgetry. CJ Mirra creates eerie soundscapes, Sci-Fi soundtracks and emotionally resonant moods, all set to undulating and intricate rhythms. His début EP was released next month on Colour8 Records with RGB Flowers, it’s lead track, featuring partner-in-crime Ronika.

RBG Flowers is a pulsating opus that walks the line between futuristic, dystopian, soundtrack and deeply human lament. With rhythms built upon a combination of grinding machine beats and Tabla-esque purcussion, RGB Flowers lays down the juxtaposition of brutal, chainsaw bass and beautiful, Vangelis style synths to create a slightly edgy, slightly unsettling, but always intoxicating piece to take with you into the night. A vaguely recognisable Ronika delivers a performance that adds an extra personal quality to the track, but works more as an additional instrument on CJ Mirra’s sonic canvas than as the tunes focal point. Oh, and there’s a hazy sax solo, and sax makes everything better. The EP comes equipped with and instrumental version of RGB Flowers and the enigmatic and eerie dance beats of Soft Candles and is definitely one you should check out if you fancy a slice of intelligent and meticulously crafted electronica.

♫ CJ Mirra (Feat. Ronika) – RGB Flowers

CJ Mirra’s three track début EP, RBG Flowers, is released 4th November.

Check out more from CJ Mirra on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Ronika reMixed by Sugardaddy



Now that our girl Ronika’s utterly infectious Rough ‘N’ Soothe is out in the wild, and one of our surprise anthems of the summer (we say ‘surprise’ because we weren’t expecting it to get that stuck in our heads), we can give you a listen to the final reMix. this one comes from Sugardaddy, long standing duo comprised of Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay and Tim Hutton.

Sugardaddy whip up a vibe that walks the line between 80s epic and deep bassy House track. Bleeding snatches of rockin’ riff and soulful chimes over a B-Boy beat, this reMix created a enigmatic club groove for Ron’s vocals to drift in and out of. Replete with all manner of synthetic flourishes, the track feels like a Dub version of an existing tune, whist we imagine the other track to be lush 80s electronic Soul, this reMix is squarely aimed at late night dancefloors. Also, 100 points for the hilarious photo, that’s a genuine headline!

♫ Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe (Sugardaddy reMix)

Ronika’s Rough ‘N’ Soothe is out now.

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[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘Escalator To The Equator’ Mixtape



Ronika – Escalator To The Equator Mixtape = Here’s the ultimate collection of laid back summery tunes for your holiday weekend. Coming courtesy of Ronika who delivers over an hour of smooth grooves and infectious funk with tunes to make you smile, and tunes to make you move.

Ronika – Escalator To The Equator Mixtape

The tracklist:
01. Kassav – Langue Moin
02. Tim Maia – E Necessario
03. Amadou And Mariam – Sabali
04. Sophia George – Mek You Feel Fine
05. Jensen Sportag – Jareaux
06. Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter
07. Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe (The HICS reMix)
08. Pegasus – Cool Runnings
09. Miami Sound Machine – Rhythms Is Gonna’ Get Ya
10. Mzekezeke – Ngihambha Phantsi
11. Sunless ’97 – Aurora I
12. Robert Ffrench – Heart On Fire
13. Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe
14. Rihanna – If It’s Loving That You Want
15. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat
16. Princess – Say I’m Your Number One
17. Swimming – Kid Global
18. Rita Lee – Maria Mole
19. Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man
20. Free Life – There’s Something Better

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[Video] Ronika’s ‘Rough ‘N’ Soothe’


Ronika   Rough n Soothe   YouTube

This was the best thing to come home to after a week ballin’ in Vegas. The video for our girl Ronika’s excellent new single Rough ‘N’ Soothe.

Michael Robinson directed the clip, which loads up on vintage video effects to create a mood as dreams as the track itself.

Ronika’s Rough ‘N’ Soothe is out this week..

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[Audio] Ronika reMixed by The HICS



Whilst chatting about 90s R&B when we posted about Ronika’s forthcoming new single, Rough ‘N’ Soothe, we were this close to mentioning Mariah Carey. It seems we weren’t the only ones to  get this vibe either, as London based Electronic Soul outfit The HICS inject the track with more than enough smooth 90s swing to tip it over the edge straight into Carey ballad territory.

Of course, the key is the chorus and the chimes, both of which are kept intact in the mix, but layered over a booming, laid back, kick & shaker beat and lazy keys. Stirring up a musical daydream, The HICS have delivered that rare of things, a reMix that completely differs from the original (not just a different take on the same thing), but one that sounds just as relevant to the song. It’s not all pastiché either, these guys litter the track with interesting synthetic touches to keep things fresh. We’re looking forward to what else the EP, out in April, holds.

♫ Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe (The HICS Refit)

Ronika’s Rough ‘N’ Soothe Is released 22nd April.

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[Audio] Ronika’s ‘Rough ‘N’ Soothe’


Fancy some smooth vibes and your first taste of what to expect from Ronika’s forthcoming début alum? That’s kinda’ good news, as you’ve come to the right place. If that’s not what you’re here for, sorry Dude, but you really shouldn’t hate fun. Ronika’s album is pretty much one of our most anticipated released of this year, not wanting to sound sycophantic but she’s hasn’t put a foot wrong in her career yet. We’ve really enjoyed everything she’s released so far, we’ve really enjoyed every time we’ve seen her live and you can;t ask much more from a Pop star than that.

Rough ‘N’ Soothe is her new tune, a track that carries us away from urban cool Ronika and takes us into to laid back beach vibe Ronika territory.  It feels like the soundtrack to Ron enjoying a day off, washed with an 90’s R&B cool that rubs shoulders with a bouncing Disco bass and rich vintage chords. Almost verging on Tropical at times, in mood if not in sound, Rough ‘N’ Soothe is a blissful slice of Ronika, pool party style. Seriously, the album can’t come quick enough. Also, “Bossa-Nova Casanova, Play it slow on, my Casio will ya…” is the greatest lyric of the year so far.

♫ Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe

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[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘Sweetheart, Dont Be A Nightmare’ Mixtape


Ronika – Sweetheart, Dont Be A Nightmare Mixtape = Here’s a Valentines gift from Ms. Ronika featuring a whole heap of gloriously funky synth jams ranging from the stomping to the emotional. Just like a relationship, really.

Ronika – Sweetheart, Dont Be A Nightmare Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. SebastiAn (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne) – Love In Motion
02. Boxcutter – TV Trouble
03. Class Actress – Keep You
04. Com Truise – Brokendate
05. Palmbomen – Galore
06. John Maus – Hey Moon
07. Onra – Don’t Stop
08. Kindness – Anyone Can Fall In Love
09. DâM-FunK – One Less Day
10. George Benson – Turn Your Love Around
11. Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle
12. Julie London – End of a Love Affair

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[Release] FREE EP! Various Artists–electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP


This 13th February marks the one year anniversary of the release of electronic rumors Volume 1. The compilation, spawned from a blog, that spawned a record label.

Released in association with Ninthwave Records, ER Vol. 1, collected 15 of the best ElectroPop, Nu-Disco and Dreamwave artists around onto one big CD and digital release.

To mark Volume 1’s birthday, we’re giving away a free EP. Four artists who appeared on ER Vol. 1, reMixing four other tracks from the album. All exclusive and specially recorded for this EP, and our gift to everyone who has supported us and the artists we’ve worked with in the last twelve months

Some of the finest talent from electronic rumors Volume 1 have kindly contributed to this free reMix EP with the worlds of ElectroPop, Dreamwave and Nu-Disco all represented. Lending their amazing songs to the EP are the queen of DiscoPop Ronika, ElectroPop siren Queen Of Hearts, 80s SynthPopper Kid Kasio and Indie-Electro dreamers Echoes. Turning their skills to reworking these fine tunes are Electro future stars Substatic, the cream of New York ElectroPop She’s The Queen, Dreamwave O.G.s LexiconDon and Electro experimentalist beaumont.

The EP is available as a FREE download here: http://electronicrumors.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-rumors-volume-1-the-remix-ep

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