[Audio] CJ Mirra’s ‘RGB Flowers’


CJ Mirra

CJ Mirra is the synthetic alter-ego if John Sampson, after earning critical acclaim in the Indie world, he’s now flexing his creative muscles with an array of electronic gadgetry. CJ Mirra creates eerie soundscapes, Sci-Fi soundtracks and emotionally resonant moods, all set to undulating and intricate rhythms. His début EP was released next month on Colour8 Records with RGB Flowers, it’s lead track, featuring partner-in-crime Ronika.

RBG Flowers is a pulsating opus that walks the line between futuristic, dystopian, soundtrack and deeply human lament. With rhythms built upon a combination of grinding machine beats and Tabla-esque purcussion, RGB Flowers lays down the juxtaposition of brutal, chainsaw bass and beautiful, Vangelis style synths to create a slightly edgy, slightly unsettling, but always intoxicating piece to take with you into the night. A vaguely recognisable Ronika delivers a performance that adds an extra personal quality to the track, but works more as an additional instrument on CJ Mirra’s sonic canvas than as the tunes focal point. Oh, and there’s a hazy sax solo, and sax makes everything better. The EP comes equipped with and instrumental version of RGB Flowers and the enigmatic and eerie dance beats of Soft Candles and is definitely one you should check out if you fancy a slice of intelligent and meticulously crafted electronica.

♫ CJ Mirra (Feat. Ronika) – RGB Flowers

CJ Mirra’s three track début EP, RBG Flowers, is released 4th November.

Check out more from CJ Mirra on SoundCloud.

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