Housse De Racket reMixed by Robotaki

Housse De Racket

Parisian Indie-ElectroPopsters Housse De Racket’s ‘Roman’ has been knocking around for a while now, with q few reMixes to it’s name. Is there room for one more? There is if it comes from the Canadian who’s name is on every-blog-body’s lips, Robotaki.

Robotaki goes big with this mix, as he tends to do. There’s some really fat sounds lurking around here, both in bass and chords, spacing out the track. With a touch of Funk, a touch of the epic Indie vibe of the original and a touch of dancefloor smash worming their way into Robotaki’s full ElectroPop sound, the whole kinda’ lifts the track, bringing out the emotion, and the groove, of the song.

Housse De Racket – Roman (Robotaki reMix)

Robotaki is in the process of finishing up his début EP due out in 2012.

Buy Housse De Racket’s music from:

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