Mix Chopin’s ‘Move Your Body’


Mix Chopin is knocking out of the park recently. Yesterday he dropped another, absolutely amazing, slice of fresh Nu-Disco.

The Torontonian producer’s ‘Move Your Body’ is straight up slammin’. Funk laden digital slap bass lines fire off left and right, changing and switching as the groove flies from deep Filter to French Touch to in-your-face Elector Disco. If their was one Mix Chopin track that really cements his reputation as a name bound for greatness it’s this tune. There is no way you can’t dance to this, it speaks to your body before your mind gets a look in. Nu-Disco at it’s very best.

Mix Chopin – Move Your Body

Mix Chopin’s ‘Love Story’ EP is out now on Shiny Disco Club’

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Mix Chopin’s new EP

Mix Chopin is dropping a new release on Shiny Disco Club tomorrow, it’s prefect Sunday Disco fodder!

The ‘Love Story’ EP contains three tracks of densely layered Nu-Disco, the lead track ‘Bonne Nuit’ is a Moog funk infused slice of DiscoHouse that the Torontonian producer lays out over four and a half minutes of feel good electronic groove. Robotaki and Hana Yori Kichou Na are amongst the contributors of reMixes to the EP. Robotaki takes things down a more electronic Disco route combining bringing a little Filer flavour to proceedings leaving HYKN to slam it right back to the Disco and chop things up.

♫ Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit

♫ Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit (Robotaki reMix)

♫ Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit (Hana Yori Kichou Na reMix)

The ‘Love Story’ EP is released tomorrow.

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