[Audio] MNDR reMixed by Robotaki


Oh, go on then, we’ll have one more reMix of MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds. Partly because we’re big MNDR fans, partly because we’re also pretty fond on Canadian groover Robotaki. But mostly because Robotaki has done a sterling job here, the best Disco version we’ve heard.

Robotaki has got a perfect grasp of Amanda’s vocals, and the rhythm of the song, as he completely retextualises her voice but allows it to keep it’s own intention. The vocals become a big sweeping Disco top line when presented with Robotaki’s 70’s synth disco. Expect loads of rapid percussion on ringing bells. The best way to describe it is to quote Robotaki: “Totally watched an old kung-fu flicks while this was being made.” There you go.

♫ MNDR –  Feed Me Diamonds (Robotaki reMix).

MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds is out now.

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Relfex reMixes Strange Talk


Released later this month is Cast Away, the new single from Australian Indie-ElectroPop outfit Strange Talk. The bombastic, catchy tune is backed by a host of cool reMixes, we’ve already had a listen to Plastic Plates take on the tune, so now it’s time for one of our favourite French double acts, Reflex, to flex their reMix muscles and step up to the plate.

This tune is washed in exactly the kind of fun, slightly quirky electronics. Suited both for the dancefloor, and just to cheep yourself up. Reflex, more than many others in their field, have a real character to their music, even the instrumental stuff. It’s ElectroPop with a very specific personality. The original’s hushed vocals are paired up here with Relfex’s Disco beats, sweeping synths and idiosyncratic melodies. It’s all uplifting and charming stuff, but then Reflex’s tracks always are.

♫ Strange Talk – Cast Away (Reflex reMix)

Strange Talk’s new album is expected to drop next year.

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