Hervé & Ronika: The reMixes


So, you may be enjoying the new single from Hervé, ‘How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right)’, featuring out girl,  Madonna Of The Midlands™, Ronika. You may be enjoying it’s bass heave old school Rave vibe. But what if it’s just not bass heavy enough for you, if such a thing is even possible? Well, don’t worry yourself, Hervé has got you covered. The reMixes turn the bass heaviness up to 11.

Hervé sometime partner in crime Sinden is up first with a stomping tribal Rave mix that drops you into a deep hypnotic groove before smacking you in the face with that massive riff. Hervé, in his Death Rose Cult alter-ego, drops a truly massive reMix that straddles the line between rave and Dubstep by layering buzzsaw rough synth over a pumping beat. This is the one that’s gonna’ rip your face off on the dancefloor. Detboi serves up a future Garage mix complete with shuffling beats and warp bassline, not heard a full on Garage track in quite a while, Detboi delivers it flawlessly. These guys really need to stop being greedy with the bass or there will be no bass left for anyone else!

♫ Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Make It Right) (Sinden reMix)

Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Death Rose Cult reMix)

Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Detboi reMix)

‘How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right)’ is out soon.

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Brodinski’s ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’


OK, this track has been kicking around in out Inbox for the better part of a month now, we’ve been um’ing and ah’ing about whether to post it or not, but in trying to make the decision we’ve listened to it so much that we’re pretty hooked on it now. So we’re posting it. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy, the mere act of considering posting it results in a post. That, and the tracks is bizarrely badass.

So here’s Brodinski’s third release on his new Bromance imprint. The single is actually a double A-Side with Club Cheval’s ‘Now U Realise’, a proper dark Rave track on one side and Brodinski’s own ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’ on the other. ‘Streets’ features, again, Louisahhh!!! on vocals and, for a moody, gritty, Rave tune is surprisingly Poppy. Catchy and rabble rousing, in that way early ‘90’s Indie sometimes was, complete with police sirens, ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’, has got a bit of a Simian Mobile Disco circa ADSR vibe to it, which I think is why we like it so much.

♫ Brodinski (Feat. Louisahhh!!!) – Nobody Rules The Streets

♫ Club Cheval – Now U Realize

‘Nobody Rules The Streets’/’Now U Ralize’ is out this week.

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Hervé and Ronika’s ‘How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right)’ video

Well, we’ve been hearing about this for a while now, both in person and on Twitter, but now we can feast our eyes on the video, and have our first listen to the full vocal version, of  Hervé and Ronika (ahem, Madonna Of The Midlands™)’s ‘’How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right)’.

Directed by Jack Lightfoot & Robin Mason at Blindeye Films, the clip features little Ron and little Hervé, and slightly less little Ron, but seems to be missing a big Hervé. Wassup with that?

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Van She reMixed by Hervé


Van She’s ‘Idea Of Happiness’ was finally released this week and alongside the awesome original and the kicking SebastiAn reMixes we’ve already heard sits this Rave monster from Hervé. A surprising standout on the single, the reMix is bally, Acidic, in-you-face and bass bass bass heavy.

‘Idea Of Happiness’ looks set to become the anthem of the summer, an amazing comeback for Van She, and between the Indie-ElectroPop of the  original, the French Disco of SebastiAn’s mix and now Hervé’s big Bass track there is a reMix for every occasion. Hervé has dropped a tune that will be dominating festivals and big parties in the coming months. Keeping most of the track intact for the into, he then goes Rave crazy once the track kicks in with Acidic riffs and booming basses in a track that seems to constantly build.

♫ Van She – Idea Of Happiness (Hervé Room 1 reMix)

The single is out now and features additional reMixes from SebastiAn, Jonti, Hervé, and What So Not. Van She’s new album will be out this 6th July on Modular Recordings.

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Adamski’s ‘I Like It ‘ EP


Adamski has had a long and illustrious career. Instrumental in bringing dance music to the Pop masses when he, along with his Ensoniq SQ80, brought digital synths into Acid House (I had an SQ80, used to spend ages trying to copy Adamski!) and gave the world Seal (movie soundtracks would never be the same again). That was back in ‘89, and he’s been recording off and on ever since, sometimes as Adamski, and in recent times as Adam Sky.

But it took our friend Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records to get him to don the Adamski hat once more for his forthcoming ‘I Like It’ EP, and it strangely sounds just like Adamski should! The lead track is a big Disco-tinged rave monster. It’s a definite London vibe, deep, hypnotic riffs and brain infecting synths work best on the capitals dark mysterious dancefloors. Places you can loose yourself in a track that takes in the last two decades of the producer’s career. ‘Wot Happened To You?’ is more straight-up Nu-Disco, still with a strong ‘90’s House vibe but more of a solid groove and slick Disco guitar snatches here and there. We first heard ATTAR!’s reMix of ‘I Like It’ on the last Aeroplane mixtape and it does an amazing job or reining the track in with a solid bassline and, naturally cowbell (the only thing the original track didn’t have). ATTAR!’s mix has such an epic lead line that’s pure euphoria inducing, there’s no way that this won;t kill on the dancefloor. Discotexas’ Mirror People smooth things out even more with their late ‘70’s Funk inspired Disco workout of ‘Wot Happened To You?’. moving you with the Disco and surprising you with some Rave keys. Holding the read is another mix of ‘Wot Happened To You?’ from French synth guru Blackjoy with a Disco sampling dark and moody Italo version that stands out from the pack in it’s pure difference to the rest, it’s an epic, cinematic track that is the perfect closer.

♫ Adamski – I Like It

♫ Adamski – Wot Happened To U?

♫ Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! reMix)

♫ Adamski – Wot Happened To U? (Mirror People reMix)

Adamski – Wot Happened To U? (Blackjoy reMix)

The ‘I Like It’ EP is released 28th May on Continental Records and includes a reMix from Blackjoy as well.

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Hervé and Ronika

Hervé and Ronika

This past Friday, the best start to the weekend Annie Mac premièred the forthcoming new single from UK bass legend Hervé and  our very own Madonna Of The Midlands™ Ronika. Strap in for some heavy as hell, euphoric dancefloor gold.

‘How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right)’ is a bass heavy stomper with some serious early ‘90’s Rave overtones. Just the sound of those keys takes me back over a decade and invokes such a good feeling. The track is both nostalgic and upfront with some killer bass in the mix, perfect for when the party is hitting it’s peak. Ron’s vocal line just add the icing on the cake, I know she would have had fun singing a Rave line like that and it really sounds like it. I can’t wait until this tune goes off at the summer festivals. The UK is gonna’ jump.

♫ Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Club Mix) (Radio Rip)

‘How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right)’ is released in the coming months.

Update: According to Hervé, this is in fact the Club Mix, and there is indeed a full vocal version coming, a fact that just gave me goosebumps.

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