Brodinski’s ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’


OK, this track has been kicking around in out Inbox for the better part of a month now, we’ve been um’ing and ah’ing about whether to post it or not, but in trying to make the decision we’ve listened to it so much that we’re pretty hooked on it now. So we’re posting it. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy, the mere act of considering posting it results in a post. That, and the tracks is bizarrely badass.

So here’s Brodinski’s third release on his new Bromance imprint. The single is actually a double A-Side with Club Cheval’s ‘Now U Realise’, a proper dark Rave track on one side and Brodinski’s own ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’ on the other. ‘Streets’ features, again, Louisahhh!!! on vocals and, for a moody, gritty, Rave tune is surprisingly Poppy. Catchy and rabble rousing, in that way early ‘90’s Indie sometimes was, complete with police sirens, ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’, has got a bit of a Simian Mobile Disco circa ADSR vibe to it, which I think is why we like it so much.

♫ Brodinski (Feat. Louisahhh!!!) – Nobody Rules The Streets

♫ Club Cheval – Now U Realize

‘Nobody Rules The Streets’/’Now U Ralize’ is out this week.

Buy Brodinski’s music from:


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