[MP3] Shiny Toy Guns reMixed by Gosteffects


Shiny Toy Guns

OK, so this is full-on cheesy. Unintelligent, uninspired, lowest common denominator dance music. But there’s just something about it that’s pretty infectious. Sure it’s the same old arpeggiated mid-90s Trance leads and really obvious builds, but this reMix of Shiny Toy Guns’ excellent single Somewhere To Hide, from their album III, by New York producer Gosteffects won us over.

Gosteffects keeps a good level of excitement and works the vocals well to deliver a pretty epic dance track. It’s not the kind of thing that would usually be to our tastes (at least not since the early 00s) and is probably what uninformed Americans would call ‘EDM’, but we just can’t help but like it. Maybe it is the big builds, maybe it is the cheesy leads, maybe we’re just not a cynical as we used to be (yeah, right!), but this has us wishing we were dancing in a field with thousands of others. Switch off and enjoy.

Shiny Toy Guns – Somewhere To Hide (Gosteffects reMix)

Shiny Toy Gun’s III is out now.

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