Kitsuné Maison 11! Already?

They just keep on coming! Barely pausing for breath between Maison 10 and Kitsuné Parisien, Kitsuné Music are releasing the next instalment in the Kitsuné Maison series in May. this time around it’s ‘The Indie-Dance Issue’, a title which promises much.

Check the track list:

01.  – Let’s Go All The Way (Early Version)
02. Alexander Dexter Jones – Phantastic Phone Call”
03. Housse De Racket – Roman
04. Polarsets – Sunshine Eyes
05. Gallops – Miami Spider (Ponciau edit)
06. Cosmonaut – Say What You Want
07. Creep (Feat. Romy Madeley-Croft From The XX) – Days (Azari & III reMix)
08. Is Tropical – The Greeks
09. Peter & The Magician – Twist
10. The Touch – Sermon
11. Logo X Icona Pop – Luvsick
12. Beat Connection – Silver Screen
13. Nightbox – Pyramid
14. Guards – Resolution Of One
15. Fiction – Big Things
16. Exotica – Conte D’Eté (Afrofunk Version)

There’s a lot of stuff on there I’m very interested in hearing, and a few gems we’ve heard before:

Cosmonaut – Say What You Want

Creep (Feat. Romy Madeley-Croft From The XX) – Days (Azari & III reMix)

‘Kitsuné Maison 11:  ‘The Indie-Dance Issue’’ is released 16th May, I expect a JBAG minimix will show it’s face soon.

Kitsuné Music @ Beatport

Kitsuné Music @ Juno

Kitsuné Music @ 7Digital

Kitsuné Music @ Amazon

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