[MP3] Hot Hot Hawk & Julia Marks’ ‘Let’s Do It’


Hot Hot Hawk

Russian Synthwaver Hot Hot Hawk comes storming back after his Space Traveller single with a storming summer ElectroPop smash. Featruing the vocals of Julia Marks, the track, Let’s Do It, is a huge slice of sunshine nostalgia.

It’s another pulsation retro Italo tune from Hot Hot Hawk, with a distinct Pop twist. Marks’ vocals perfectly capture an optimistic 80s style that really soars over our Russian friends thick production. It’s a track with everything you want from retro Pop, an Electronic Soul groove, driving Italo synths and bright, shining, leads, wrapped up in an ultimately, incredibly catchy song. The Future of SynthWave.

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Julia Marks) – Let’s Do It

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[Audio] Hot Hot Hawk’s new single

Hot Hot Hawk

Russia’s Hot Hot Hawk have only just dropped their amazing collaboration with Patrick Baker, but they are already promoting their new single, the Pasha featuring Space Traveller. Two new releases so close together can feel a bit cramped, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of either tune. Space Traveller is released later this month with a packed reMix collection.

The original version of the track is an amazing slice of post-Kraftwerk Italo, and a schizophrenic beast. Starting off as a Cosmic Disco tribute to das robots, thick bassline playing off against the Teutonic synths, as soon as the vocals arrive Space Traveller morphs into a warm mixture of Italo and 80s Electric Soul. As the song rises and rises, with more layered sounds and soaring vocals, tit becomes pretty epic. To be honest the reMixes are a little hit and miss. The definite standouts comes from London’s 80s Stallone, who injects the SynthWave Italo with a little retro Disco, Just his subtle use of cowbell, claps and vocoders, give the track a little more groove, and DigitalNativeDance, who also turns in one of the better mixes. DND’s mix brings a Boogie flavour to the tune and emotional use of piano and Acidic synths. Summer Of Haze bring the single to a nice conclusion with a post-Chillwave marching soundscape. The rest of the reMixes are OK, but a little uninspired, but all-in-all it’s a great release.

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (80s Stallone reMix)

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (DigitalNativeDance reMix)

♫ Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Pasha) – Space Traveller (Summer of Haze reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk’s Space Traveller is released 23rd November on Emerald & Doreen Rec.

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[MP3] Hot Hot Hawk & Patrick Baker

Hot Hot Hawk & Patrick Baker

American retro ElectroPopper Patrick Baker has not only made an extremely impressive name for him self in a short time but is also fast becoming the king of collaborations. There’s not many singers floating around the SynthWave/Outrun scene, so when one comes along as talented as Baker I guess everyone wants a crack at vocal stuff. His most recent collaboration is this new single with one of Russia’s finest, Hot Hot Hawk.

Electric Touch, the fruit of this union, get’s it’s proper release around X-Mas on a compilation album titled Disco Deluxe Vol. 3. Until then they guys are giving away the track at the link below. Should you choose to download you’ll be treated to Patrick’s hushed, authentically 80s US Pop, vocals flowing effortlessly over HHH’s pumping digital bass and mystical retro synths. Definitely worth a look-in for anyone who loves classic 80s Pop, this tune has a touch of SynthWave, a touch of Electronic Soul, even a little Disco in there. With all those vintage synth sounds, epic lead lines and Baker’s slick vocal, how can you go wrong?

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Electric Touch

The Disco Deluxe Vol. 3 compilation, featuring Electric Touch, is released 23rd December.

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Hot Hot Hawk’s ‘Rise and Down’ reMixes

Hot Hot Hawk

Wearerussians are bringing us the best of Russian synth and Disco once again with the new EP from Hot Hot Hawk. the track itself, Rise And Down featuring the vocals of Ksenia Popova, has been out a while now. We covered it back in August, but now Wearerussians have dropped a full reMix package, for free no less.

Rise And Down, is a piercing vocal Disco track that nicely merges hot Hot Hawks lush, vintage sound with Ksenia’s accented vocals. Adding a little Tropical vibe to Hot Hot Hawks usual output, Rise And Fall has got more than a couple of summer anthem qualities. Phalanxes Of Fingers beef up the ‘80’s Disco side of Rise And Fall’s equation with big synth stabs and a playful lead line whist ElectroPopper Voyager instil the track with a warehouse vibe and some nice early ‘90’s House tones. Moskva-Kassiopeya deliver a pumping Electro track for their version. Starting off gently, Moskva-Kassiopeya gradually build their reMix into a galactic dancefloor monster. The reMix package also comes with work from electronic producer Acid Harbour, and the whole thing is well worth picking up. Russia shows us how it;s done once again!

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down (Phalanxes Of Fingers reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down (Voyager reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down (Moskva-Kassiopeya reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk’s Rise And Down is out now. You can download the whole package from here.

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Hot Hot Hawk’s ‘Rise and Down’

Hot Hot Hawk

Russia’s Hot Hot Hawk is at it again! This time the Nu-Disco/SynthWave producer has brought along a vocalist, and the results are fresh as hell. Enlisting Ksenia Popova to land the track a little female charm, Hot Hot Hawk hits the ground running in this smooth slice of relaxed summer soul.

Popova vocals has a slight Russian twang to them, which no only gives the track an originality in the Nu-Disco pantheon, but also immediately endears the listener to the track. Add to that Hot Hot Hawks’ deep Disco grooves, loaded with stabbing synths , bouncing basslines and shuffling drums, and you have a track fit for the sexiest of beach parties. The combination of pulsating Disco and sharp floating melodies is a masterstroke.

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down

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Hot Hot Hawk’s new EP


Russian SynthWave producer Hot Hot Hawk has just released his new EP, ‘Ventilate’. Prepare for some retro soundtrack inspired synthesizer excitement.

‘Ventilate’ contains six track of post-Italo, rapid fire electronic soundtracks. Soundtracks to some kick-ass action movie from the ‘80’s that was never made. Of course, this scene is starting to get a little flooded so how does Hot Hot Hawk differentiate himself from the pack. Well, for a start he has an amazing grasp of Melody, which he weaves in and out of runaway arpeggiated basslines to spectacular effect. He also layers his tracks with sublet use of guitar, not in the crunchy way some do, but tonally, adding an extra pad or soaring solo. Another factor that sets him apart from a lot of his peers is his grasp of House and Disco, even Indie, influences he folds into his SynthWave tracks to give them that little big for Funk and groove. Overall though, Hot Hot Hawk produces some classic electronic soundtrack inspired moments, some rousing emotional peices that capture each desired mood perfectly. With an added bonus Disco round.

♫ Hot Hot Hawk – Fight Back And Take Over The City

♫ Hot Hot Hawk – Midnight Thunder

♫ Hot Hot Hawk – Atlanta Skyline

Check out more from Hot Hot Hawk on SoundCloud.

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