[MP3] Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ (+ Nite Sprite reMix)



Earlier this week we introduced you to the new single from Swedish SynthWave genius Mitch Murder. Set for wider recognition, this is Mitch’s first release on Diplo’s Mad Decent label and their Jeffree’s sub-imprint. On Wednesday we played you the reMix of The Touch from French Touch pioneer Lifelike, now the whole single is out, and better still, it’s free.

The Touch is Mitch at his best, A slick combination of his emotional soundtrack work and his more upbeat Electro Funk stylings. Riding on a solid retro beat and chugging digital bassline, the track wraps the listener in warm waves of lush chords with a slight jazzy swing, complimented by a rocking synth lead. It’s pure nostalgia in five minutes of body moving synthesizer Boogie. Alongside the Lifelike reMix comes a version from Norwegian duo Nite Sprite, who inject the track with a dreamy Disco twist and ripples of shiny melodies and wailing synth solos. Also featured on the release is Race Day, a track we featured a while back. This single is pretty much essential.

Mitch Murder – The Touch

♫ Mitch Murder – The Touch (Nite Sprite reMix)

Mitch Murder’s The Touch is out now, download it all here.

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[Audio] Miami Nights 1984’s ‘Deep Blue’


Miami Nights 1984

Deep Blue is the new track from the panicle of SynthWave talent Miami Nights 1984. The first hint of what’s to come on his forthcoming album shows the Outrun king isn’t just a one trick pony, or even a two trick pony as MN84 gets out his synth brushes and paints a gloriously rich electronic masterpiece to take the listener away.

The opening track on the new record, Deep Blue is a chilled, evocative piece that is content to build the mood for a good half of it’s length, wrapping you in it’s layers of warn synths and an electronic nostalgia that feels utterly authentic as the soundtrack to a quieter moment in an 80s flick. Once it has you in it;s grasp, Deep Blue unleashes a choir of intertwining and emotional solos which really allow the track to soar out of the speakers. More please.

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Deep Blue

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Mitch Murder’s Glass Cities’ EP

Mitch Murder

I’m not sure Johan Bengtsson A.K.A Mitch Murder sleeps anymore. In the months leading up to the release of his amazing second album, Current Events, the Swedish SynthWave king was pretty quiet. Since then, though, we have been treated to a year of constant new tracks, new EPs and new reMixes, almost weekly. And never once had the man missed a beat, never once has he released something anything less than the very best SynthWave. Next month sees another new EP, the man just doesn’t stop.

At the beginning of next month the Glass Cities EP is released, not by Johan’s usual home of SynthWave central, Rosso Corsa, but on new Irish imprint DhARMA. DhARMA have given Mitch free rein to do what he does best. From the opening, and title, track you are immediately back in Mitch Murder mode. After a imposing cinematic intro Glass Cities make a brief nod to Zoolook era Jean Michel-Jarre with it’s just of woody melodies and vocal samples as an instrument. It’s a tack make of pure 80’s bliss that glides effortlessly into Last Call, which seems Mitch add a little Trevor Jones into the mix, ,and is an amazingly smooth and emotive pallet cleanser before the high-octane Outrun of Heading South, a full on post-Italo race to the boarder. Hopeful and uplifting, this track mirrors the best inspirational ‘80’s soundtrack peices and leads into the club soundtrack of Shoot The Core! with flying lead lines. Best Of The Best lulls you into a false sense of security with slick 80’s Pop drums and big emotional chords before treating you to some of Mitch’s best Malmsteen-esque synth shredding. Ever optimistic, with a hint of melancholy, like the best ‘80’s music, Mitch constantly amazes with his mix of part Italo, part 80’s soundtracks, part sheer synthesizer joy. The EP also holds a reMix from Sylvester, who bring the Electro Boggie to Glass Cities, and this bonus mix from Norwegian duo Nite Sprite who inject a little Nu-Disco electro noise into Heading South. Most of this collection has been available at one time or another in the past year, Mitch Murder’s output is verging on prolific these days, but to have all these tracks together, in high quality, is really something special. Obviously for Synth Wave fans this is a must have EP, but for any fans of synthesizer music, Mitch Murder comes so highly recommended it’s difficult to put into words.

♫ Mitch Murder – Glass Cities

♫ Mitch Murder – Best Of The Best

♫ Mitch Murder – Heading South

♫ Mitch Murder – Last Call

Mitch Murder – Heading South (Nite Sprite reMix)

Mitch Murder’s Glass Cities EP is released 1st August.

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Nite Sprite’s début EP

nite sprite

Nite Sprite are a Norwegian double act whose harsh Electro/SynthWave we recently featured reMixing Mitch Murder’s ‘In The News’.  The duo have just released their début EP and it’s a no-nonsense, dark robotic journey through the night. Check it out.

Their self-titled EP contains four originals, named ‘Scene 1’, ‘Scene 2’… and so on which only adds to the ambiguity of these tracks. This isn’t sweet Outrun/SynthWave inspired by ‘80’s teen movies, this is holy-shit Electro SynthWave inspired by ‘80’s “what the fuck is after me” movies. They actually remind me a lot of Coloureds, in that way they can make Electro noise terror but still retain a Disco groove or a cinematic SynthWave progression. it’s not an easy thing to achieve and Nite Sprite pull it off with ease. Highlights of the EP include ‘Scene 1’, which sets up the EP with harsh digital bass and melodies filled with dread anticipation, ‘Scene 3’ which channels a little Kavinsky and Vince DiCola together into a noise, but emotionally driven tune, ‘Scene 4’, the most melodic of the tunes, maybe the finale of the Originals. ‘Scene 4’ is a brooding, but ultimately optimistic slice of chainsaw electron with a tune. Also, their are reMixes from Totem and the king of SynthWave Mitch Murder, who takes the heavy elements of ‘Scene 1’ and works them into a flawlessly produced, post-EBM slab of pure retro synth work. Mitch’s reMix drops some really interesting elements, the crunch synth guitar playing against the sparkling leads to create a rich, full sound. An interesting EP to be sure, and an in-you-face début form Nite Sprite.

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 1

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 3

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 4

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 1 (Mitch Murder reMix)

Nite Sprite’s self-titled EP is out now.

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Mitch Murder X Nite Sprite

Mitch Murder

Ever since Sweedish SynthWave genius Mitch Murder dropped his album, ’Current Events’ late last year we’ve seen a resurgence in activity from him, releasing killer tune after killer tune. The latest from this prolific period is this reMix of ‘In The News’ from Nite Sprite.

Nite Sprite are a Norway based duo who craft some of the slickest retro Funk you’re likely to hear for a while, and with this mix they step up their game to serious levels. Everything about this mix, of one of the highlights of ‘Current Events’, is a pitch perfect meeting of SynthWave and Nu-Funk. From the SynthWave side of it’s DNA it bring a retro epicness worthy the best in ‘80’s Sc-Fi TV themes, combining lush, evocative chords and playful little melodies. Adding to that is it’s funky side, with a pure dancefloor groove and twisting Disco leads. Nite Sprite have given us a great way to start the week. Can;t wait for more from them.

Mitch Murder – In The News (Nite Sprite Future Drive reMix)

Mitch Murder’s ‘Current Events’ is out now.

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