[Audio] Miami Nights 1984’s ‘Deep Blue’


Miami Nights 1984

Deep Blue is the new track from the panicle of SynthWave talent Miami Nights 1984. The first hint of what’s to come on his forthcoming album shows the Outrun king isn’t just a one trick pony, or even a two trick pony as MN84 gets out his synth brushes and paints a gloriously rich electronic masterpiece to take the listener away.

The opening track on the new record, Deep Blue is a chilled, evocative piece that is content to build the mood for a good half of it’s length, wrapping you in it’s layers of warn synths and an electronic nostalgia that feels utterly authentic as the soundtrack to a quieter moment in an 80s flick. Once it has you in it;s grasp, Deep Blue unleashes a choir of intertwining and emotional solos which really allow the track to soar out of the speakers. More please.

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Deep Blue

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