Mitch Murder’s ‘Race Day’

Mitch Murder

Mitch Murder keeps knocking them out of the park, time and time again. Whist relatively quite during the record in his last album, the awesome ‘Current Events’, now the album is out Mr. Murder is treating us to a new track almost weekly, and they are all killer, no filler!

‘Race Day’ is slick as hell. A bouncy Italo track loaded with nostalgia, what we have here is four and a half minutes of thoughtful and uplifting SynthWave. The track pumps along on a staccato FM bassline that lays the groundwork for some seriously shimmering synths to dance around. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the is no-one making Synthwave who has a command of melody, and the production skills of Mitch Murder. Everything in his track just sits right in the mix, and his melodies interweave around each other like they have always been part of the whole. A master at work.

♫ Mitch Murder – Race Day

Mitch Murder’s amazing ‘Current Events’ album is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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