[MP3] Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ (+ Nite Sprite reMix)



Earlier this week we introduced you to the new single from Swedish SynthWave genius Mitch Murder. Set for wider recognition, this is Mitch’s first release on Diplo’s Mad Decent label and their Jeffree’s sub-imprint. On Wednesday we played you the reMix of The Touch from French Touch pioneer Lifelike, now the whole single is out, and better still, it’s free.

The Touch is Mitch at his best, A slick combination of his emotional soundtrack work and his more upbeat Electro Funk stylings. Riding on a solid retro beat and chugging digital bassline, the track wraps the listener in warm waves of lush chords with a slight jazzy swing, complimented by a rocking synth lead. It’s pure nostalgia in five minutes of body moving synthesizer Boogie. Alongside the Lifelike reMix comes a version from Norwegian duo Nite Sprite, who inject the track with a dreamy Disco twist and ripples of shiny melodies and wailing synth solos. Also featured on the release is Race Day, a track we featured a while back. This single is pretty much essential.

Mitch Murder – The Touch

♫ Mitch Murder – The Touch (Nite Sprite reMix)

Mitch Murder’s The Touch is out now, download it all here.

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[MP3] Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ reMixed by Lifelike


Mitch Murder

Well, it looks like the rest of the world is catching up to what we’ve been trying to tell them for the last four years; Sweden’s SynthWave king Mitch Murder is one of the greatest musicians recording today, and now maybe he’s on his way to getting the recognition he deserves courtesy of Diplo’s Mad Decent label and their Jeffree’s sub-imprint. Mr. Murder’s forthcoming single for them is titled The Touch, a gloriously 80s tunes as only Johan does best. The single package comes loaded with top quality mixes from the likes of Nite Sprite and Lifelike, here we present the version from French Touch legend Lifelike.

Life like gets lots to work with here, the original has a driving arpeggio pattern and swathes of lush chords, so Lifelike takes that to the max, amping the arps into dancefloor overdrive. Leading more toward the originals SynthWave sound that Lifelike’s usual Disco influenced groove, here he plays with the Italo synths, crating a SynthWave/French Touch hybrid that’s both floorfilling and retro styled. We’re even treated to some soaring solo that slot effortlessly into the sparse arrangement. Although no stranger to the SynthWave scene, this is Lifelike’s furthest journey in that direction, it suits him.

Mitch Murder – The Touch (Lifelike reMix)

Mitch Murder’s The Touch is released 25th July.

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The week in Bangers: 19:04:09

The week in Bangers: While electronic rumors isn’t strictly an Electro-House blog, we do cover a lot of Electro-House that crosses over in to our realm. So many good club tunes and reMixes surface each week we can’t (and wouldn’t) cover them all, so this is a round up of some of the best from the week that we didn’t have time to dedicate individual posts to…


Wassup peeps? This week in Bangers kicks off with Joris Voorn’s Electro Acid ‘Addict’ before crashing straight into the vocoder Disco of the Tronik Youth reMix of Drlkt Freddie Freddie’s ‘Airtight’. The Nu-Disco continues with Fenech-Soiler reMixed by Combo and the Amazing Mad Decent mix of ‘Quicksand’ by ElectroPop superstar La Roux. The Twelves keep it funky with their take on Metric whilst Neon Indian provide some quirky dancefloor Noise-Pop. Mark Lam reworks Streetlife DJs hit of last year ‘We ♥ The Disco Sound’ and bring it back banging and we leave you with our favourite anthropomorphised tigers, Tigersapian, and a new reMix by Clockwork.

Joris Voorn – Addict (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Drlkt Freddie – Airtight (Tronik Youth reMix) (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Fenech-Soler – The Cult Of Romance (Combo reMix) (zShare) (MediaFIre)

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Metric – Help, I’m Alive (The Twelves reMix) (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Streetlife DJs – We ♥ The Disco Sound (Mark Lam reMix) (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Tigersapien – Used To Be (Clockwork reMix) (zShare) (MediaFIre)

Most of these artists can be picked up here:



Photo credit:  Duncan Cumming