Nite Sprite’s début EP

nite sprite

Nite Sprite are a Norwegian double act whose harsh Electro/SynthWave we recently featured reMixing Mitch Murder’s ‘In The News’.  The duo have just released their début EP and it’s a no-nonsense, dark robotic journey through the night. Check it out.

Their self-titled EP contains four originals, named ‘Scene 1’, ‘Scene 2’… and so on which only adds to the ambiguity of these tracks. This isn’t sweet Outrun/SynthWave inspired by ‘80’s teen movies, this is holy-shit Electro SynthWave inspired by ‘80’s “what the fuck is after me” movies. They actually remind me a lot of Coloureds, in that way they can make Electro noise terror but still retain a Disco groove or a cinematic SynthWave progression. it’s not an easy thing to achieve and Nite Sprite pull it off with ease. Highlights of the EP include ‘Scene 1’, which sets up the EP with harsh digital bass and melodies filled with dread anticipation, ‘Scene 3’ which channels a little Kavinsky and Vince DiCola together into a noise, but emotionally driven tune, ‘Scene 4’, the most melodic of the tunes, maybe the finale of the Originals. ‘Scene 4’ is a brooding, but ultimately optimistic slice of chainsaw electron with a tune. Also, their are reMixes from Totem and the king of SynthWave Mitch Murder, who takes the heavy elements of ‘Scene 1’ and works them into a flawlessly produced, post-EBM slab of pure retro synth work. Mitch’s reMix drops some really interesting elements, the crunch synth guitar playing against the sparkling leads to create a rich, full sound. An interesting EP to be sure, and an in-you-face début form Nite Sprite.

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 1

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 3

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 4

♫ Nite Sprite – Scene 1 (Mitch Murder reMix)

Nite Sprite’s self-titled EP is out now.

Buy Nite Sprite’s music from:


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