[Audio] Mereki – Blue Lake


So, we’ve been hearing a bit from Miami Horror drummer Aaron Shanahan’s solo offering, Good Night Keaton, particularly his début single, Next To Mexico. It’s a track that features the soulful yet quirky vocals of LA singer Mereki. Well, it turns out the girl’s not too shabby on her own!

There just the one track on her SoundCloud page, the demo version of a track called Blue Lake, and it’s pretty special. Rich, bombastic ElectroPop tempered with introspective vocals gives the track the best of both worlds. It’s like Dreamwave, Indie-Electro and Chillwave have been distilled into their pure pop essence and delivered in their logical evolutionary form. It’s a hazy, reverb washed wall of groaning synths and starburst melodies as Mereki’s breathy voice slips in and out of the track. But despite all the dreamy summer musical blur the track still manages to be insanely catchy. Definitely one to watch in 2013.

♫ Mereki – Blue Lake (Demo.)

Check out more from Mereki on SoundCloud.

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