[Audio] Lindstrøm reMixed by Charli XCX & Twin Idol



In return for Norwegian Cosmic genius Lindstrøm reMixing here current single, You (Ha Ha Ha), ElectroPop princess Charli XCX has teamed up with Twin Idol to drop a radical reworking of Lindstrøm’s Fāār-I-Kāāl. And when we say ‘radical reworking’, we really mean it, Fāār-I-Kāāl, is I’m sure you remember is a bright, optimistic slab of funky galactic Disco. This is a bass heavy ElectroPop haze.

So what we have here is an R&B flavoured Bass track with and ElectroPop vibe. Charli lays down some vocals which the original track was missing and wraps the track in swirls of hazy synths and chimes. Big warping bass sounds jostle for space with haunting melodies as Charli and Twin Idol create a mood both of mystery and for dancing. Let’s face it, it’s pretty much a different song, but a pretty compelling one though.

♫ Lindstrøm – Fāār-I-Kāāl (Charli XCX Vs. Twin Idol reMix)

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[Audio] Charli XCX remixed by Lindstrøm

Charli XCX

You may have seen us get a little giddy about this tune last week on Google+ and Twitter. It’s out girl Charli XCX’s new single, You (Ha Ha Ha), reMixed my the space Disco man of the moment Lindstrøm. Alongside the Goldroom reMix, this is the one we were most excited about, and it doesn’t disappoint.

A little more stripped down and Housey than maybe we are used to from Lindstrøm, the track nevertheless retains all the Norwegian’s Cosmic Disco charm. Sparse and Groove, with an almost Dubby swing to it, Lindstrøm’s remix creates a woozy electronic mood into which he drops in and out swirling synths and warping bass sounds. How he manages to get so ecclectic with his pallet and still keep the vibe fun and funky I have no idea, but he pulls it off. Add to this Charli’s top vocal and you’ve got a track that lives up to the hype.

♫ Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Lindstrom reMix)

You (Ha Ha Ha) is released 3rd February.

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[MP3] Lindstrøm reMixes Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Well, it was probably only a matter of time. After the kind of hype that Norwegian cosmic Disco legend Lindstrøm received toward the end of 2012, we knew sooner or later the cool Pitchfork crown would come knocking on his door. Oh look, here’s a Lindstrøm reMix of the new Grizzly Bear single, Gun Shy. That was quick.

It’s actually a pretty amazing track. It’s hypnotic space-age Disco track with all the tundral charm that we love Lindstrøm for. The mans knack for making icy, piercing synths feel warm and comforting is second to none, and he really knows how to rock an infectious hook. This has the potential to be one of the biggest tracks of the summer, expect to hear this a lot on your local indie dancefloor. Indie flavoured Cosmic Disco at it’s finest.

Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy (Lindstrøm reMix)

Grizzly Bear’s Gun Shy single, out now.30

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[Audio] Lindstrøm & Todd Terje

Lindstrøm & Todd Terje

Well, this was bound to set the internet alight. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ll already be aware of the new single from two of the standout producers of 2012. Lindstrøm and Todd Terje both owned last year when it comes to quirky, spacey Disco, and now the two Norwegians are together as one.

Lanzarote is the name of the single, which strikes a nice balance between the sunlit warmth of Disco and ice Scandinavian electronics. Clock in at over eight minutes, Lanzarote feels like a journey through frozen tundra wearing Bermuda shorts and shades. Typically Scandinavian piecing synths and vintage tones are all present, but tempered with a Tropical undercurrent, the end result is fun as hell.  Diskjokke, who also had a hand in the original writing of Lanzarote delivers an even spacier reMix that hits just the right synthetic Disco notes.

♫ Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote

♫ Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote (Diskjokke reMix)

Lanzarote is out now on Todd Terje’s label, Olsen Records.

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[Mixtape] Lindstrøm’s ‘El Pais Mix’


Lindstrøm – El Pais Mix = The Norwegian master has dropped a truly expertly crafted mixtape. Genre spanning and intelligently put together, you’ll find Quirky Disco, Cosmic House and ElectroPop in an involving hour long treat.

♫ Lindstrøm – El Pais Mix

The tracklist:

01. Ilous & Decuyper – Indifferents
02. Tame Impala – Elephants (Todd Rundgren reMix)
03. Supersempfft – Let´S Beat Him Up
04. Pollyester – Concierge D´Armour (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
05. Joe – Claptrap
06. Anstam – Whiskey
07. Casiokids – Offerdans
08. Q&A – Tumbling Cubes
09. Chvrches – The Mother We Share
10. oOoOO – Hearts
11. Yacht – Shangri-La (kim Hiorthøy reMix)

Lindstrøm’s Smalhans is out now

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[MP3] Lindstrøm’s vocal edit of ‘Vōs-Sākō-Rv’ + reMixes


By now I’m sure you’ve all read out massively gushing review of frosty Disco dude Lindstrøm’s new album, Smalhans, and most likely got down at some point to the preceding Todd Terje reMixes that ushered the album in. So you’ll be aware that after the chilly reception his last record received (although we loved it) Lindstrøm is most definitely back on the Scani-Disco map. This rush of good feeling must be warming his tundra heat as the man is giving away a vocal edit, not found on the album, of Vōs-Sākō-Rv for no kroner, no øre. Nice!

So, is this the album version of Vōs-Sākō-Rv with vocals. Well, sort of. If by vocals you mean some “do-do-do”s along with the tune then yes, yes it is. But y’know what? The “do-do-do”s are brilliant. The track is already a funky as hell, quirky, synthetic Disco tune, which was catchy enough as it is. But having someone else sing along to the infectious hook just implants it in your head even more. This is total fun Disco. There’s also a couple of reMixes from the album kicking around you should check out. Glasgow’s Miaoux Miaoux is really starting to make a name for himself and further cements that reputation right here with a twisted Acidic Funk take on Rà-Àkõ-St. MM’s reMix is loaded with cosmic apreggios and Sci-Fi riffs while Slick Shoota takes the same track and whips it into a kinda of classic House/Speed Garage mashup.

Lindstrøm – Vōs-Sākō-Rv (Vocal Edit)

♫ Lindstrøm – Rà-Àkõ-St (Miaoux Miaoux reMix)

♫ Lindstrøm – Rà-Àkõ-St (Slick Shoota House reMix)

Lindstrøm’s Smalhans is out now

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Lindstrøm’s ‘Smalhans’


Contrary to most of the world, it seem, I quite enjoyed Norwegian synth botherer Lindstrøm’s Six Cups Of Rebel. His last album from earlier this year was pretty crazy, but I thought in a good way. An ecclectic, funky, Disco cacophony that more often than not, worked. Apart from when it went all freeform jazz, then it was just hilarious. Anyway, the man is back with another new album, and Smalhans is kinda’ more what people were expecting. Epic Scandinavian space Disco.

Smalhans is 50% Moroder 50% Tundra. It’s got the Norwegian quirk that against all odds always comes across in music (just ask Röyksopp, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje), it feels like a music sense of humour, or more like a sense of playfulness mixed in with sparking cosmic  sounds and an Italo Disco groove. The album steps up wit the previously released Rà-Àkõ-St, which is snowy Funk at it’s finest. Like a part in an ice field, it’s both cold and mysterious and warm and inviting at the same time. Lāmm-Ęl-Āār is a popping Electronic beat, layered with retro synth work, and an enigmatic hook, but manages to pull of euphoric at the same time. The Spy Thriller riff in Lāmm-Ęl-Āār completely draws you in, and it;s attention to detail like that the dominates this album. Ęg-Gęd-Ōsis, released with Rà-Àkõ-St, is at first glace a simplistically hypnotic Disco-House track, but further listens revel complex deeper layers. Other than Rà-Àkõ-St, for us the albums highlight is Fāār-I-Kāāl, a building, optimistic four minutes of intertwining synth melodies that reminds us more than a little of the aforementioned Röyksopp.  Lindstrøm’s grasp of melody, both here and throughout Smalhans is really impressive, his playing of groove of lead works in every tune to create something bigger than either. those who were disappointed with Six Cups Of Rebel will have found the album you were looking for with Samlhans, those who liked Six Cups…, you’ll love this even more. Classic sounding synthesizer Disco with a Scandinavian twist, what more could you ask for?

♫ Lindstrøm – Rà-Àkõ-St

♫ Lindstrøm – Lāmm-Ęl-Āār

♫ Lindstrøm – Fāār-I-Kāāl

Lindstrøm’s Smalhans is out next week via Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity.

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