Lindstrøm’s ‘Smalhans’


Contrary to most of the world, it seem, I quite enjoyed Norwegian synth botherer Lindstrøm’s Six Cups Of Rebel. His last album from earlier this year was pretty crazy, but I thought in a good way. An ecclectic, funky, Disco cacophony that more often than not, worked. Apart from when it went all freeform jazz, then it was just hilarious. Anyway, the man is back with another new album, and Smalhans is kinda’ more what people were expecting. Epic Scandinavian space Disco.

Smalhans is 50% Moroder 50% Tundra. It’s got the Norwegian quirk that against all odds always comes across in music (just ask Röyksopp, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje), it feels like a music sense of humour, or more like a sense of playfulness mixed in with sparking cosmic  sounds and an Italo Disco groove. The album steps up wit the previously released Rà-Àkõ-St, which is snowy Funk at it’s finest. Like a part in an ice field, it’s both cold and mysterious and warm and inviting at the same time. Lāmm-Ęl-Āār is a popping Electronic beat, layered with retro synth work, and an enigmatic hook, but manages to pull of euphoric at the same time. The Spy Thriller riff in Lāmm-Ęl-Āār completely draws you in, and it;s attention to detail like that the dominates this album. Ęg-Gęd-Ōsis, released with Rà-Àkõ-St, is at first glace a simplistically hypnotic Disco-House track, but further listens revel complex deeper layers. Other than Rà-Àkõ-St, for us the albums highlight is Fāār-I-Kāāl, a building, optimistic four minutes of intertwining synth melodies that reminds us more than a little of the aforementioned Röyksopp.  Lindstrøm’s grasp of melody, both here and throughout Smalhans is really impressive, his playing of groove of lead works in every tune to create something bigger than either. those who were disappointed with Six Cups Of Rebel will have found the album you were looking for with Samlhans, those who liked Six Cups…, you’ll love this even more. Classic sounding synthesizer Disco with a Scandinavian twist, what more could you ask for?

♫ Lindstrøm – Rà-Àkõ-St

♫ Lindstrøm – Lāmm-Ęl-Āār

♫ Lindstrøm – Fāār-I-Kāāl

Lindstrøm’s Smalhans is out next week via Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity.

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