[Audio] Lightwaves’ ‘Warrior’



Hold tight for another new tune for the re-formed, re-born Lightwaves. Following on from Starting To Believe and Returned we have Warrior. Surely Lightwaves must be gearing up for a proper release soon, the quality of these tunes seems to point in that direction.

Warrior harkens back to the pre-Lightwaves days of Yes Giantess. Indie in it’s sensibilities, Pop in it’s sound. An energetic affair with growling snyths laid thick and Jan belting out the vocals to create a Power Pop anthem. With dips and builds in just the right places, this is exactly the kind of track that would slay a crowd live.

♫ Lightwaves – Warrior

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[Audio] She’s The Queen reMixes Lightwaves’ ‘Returned’



Last week the mighty Lightwaves continued their sweeping comeback with the new single Returned. This week Jan and crew add the icing on the cake with a stellar reMix from our very own She’s The Queen. I doubt at this point there’s any point in us even pretending there’s no bias here, in our opinion She’s The Queen are two of the most talented people on the planet, card carrying members of the electronic rumors family, and a couple of the nicest people you will ever meet. So, for the next paragraph, pretend it’s being written by someone who doesn’t love them. Y’know, like a critic or something.

This reMix is super awesome! If you ever managed to find the end of a rainbow you’d discover a pot of this reMix! Seriously though, Drew amps the energy with masterful Pop beats and big, shiver inducing, synths. With just a pinch of nostalgia, this immensely slick slice of ElectroPop is guaranteed to worm it;s way into your heart. What we’re saying is it’s pretty fucking good; but then, we’re bound to say that aren’t we, so just listen.

♫ Lightwaves – Returned (She’s The Queen reMix)

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[Audio] Lightwaves’ ‘Returned’



It seems that not only is Lightwaves back, but he (now they) is back with a vengeance. It was only just before X-Mas that they released their first record, both in ages and as a band, Starting To Believe; which was swiftly followed by an awesome reMix from Fear Of Tigers. Now, with 2014 barley a couple of weeks old, Lightwaves releases Returned. Are you sitting down? ‘Cos the DC outfit have dropped another huge slab of SynthPop to knock you off of your feet.

By now Lightwaves modus-operandi is familiar. Heavyweight retro synth riffs, unobtrusive Indie guitar, powerfully driving rhythm section and those anthemic, passionate vocals; are all present and correct on Returned. With just a hint of a SynthWave-esque 80s slant the track shows off a clean, crisp Indie-Electro sound put in place with precision production and a razor sharp sound pallet. Whilst maybe not reaching the epic heights of last month’s Starting To Believe, Returned is an adequate compliment to that track; exploring Lightwaves’ live, rawer, side.

♫ Lightwaves – Returned

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[Audio] Fear Of Tigers reMixes Lightwaves’ ‘Starting To Believe’



Earlier this week we gushed about the surprise new tune from the awesome Lightwaves, Starting To Believe. Well, it just gets better. Not only is the song a massive EelctroPop monster that is destined to put the newly band-ed Lightwaves on the map (finally!) but here comes a reMix from the one and only Fear Of Tigers. Can it get any better?

Fear Of Tigers goes large with this one. Recognising and enhancing the anthemic qualities of the original, Fear Of Tigers up the drama with massive chainsaw synth riffs and juggernaut drums. Set for peak time in the big room, this one compels you to move yourself, and even suggest a little hands-in-the-air might be appropriate. Powerful and pumping, this is about as huge as ElectroPop can get without bursting at the seams. With a hint of a retro groove in the sweeping chords, easing in an undercurrent of nostalgia, this is one reMix that won’t be ignored.

♫ Lightwaves – Starting To Believe (Fear Of Tigers reMix)

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[Audio] Lightwaves’ ‘Starting To Believe’



It looks like one of our favourite producers, Lightwaves, is finally ready to hit the big time. Lightwaves music has come in dips over the past couple of years, including a reMix of She’s The Queen’s Talk To Me, electronic rumors first single release. The ex-Yes Giantess man Jan Rosenfeld is back, this time with a full band, has launched a brand new single, a new fuller ElectroPop sound, and what promised to be the start of a stratospheric career.

It;s really Jan’s vocals that push this over the edge from being infection, euphoric ElectroPop into the realms of true anthem. The meeting of huge, emotive, synth riffs, epic, impassioned vocals and a driving rhythm section make this one of those songs that delivers an emotional rush as well as making you want to get up out of your seat. American, post Indie-Electro, SynthPop at it’s finest.

♫ Lightwaves – Starting To Believe

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Lightwaves reMixes St. Lucia

St. Lucia

With the recent flood of reMixes of New York Indie-ElectroPopper St. Lucia is a welcome light in the dark that comes from ex-Yes Giantess man Jan in his Lightwaves guise. Jan has been quietly pushing out some of the most stunning reMixes in the last year or and his work always makes up sit up and take notice. we’re always glad we do.

Lightwave’s take on St. Lucia’s ‘Closer Than This’ works the epic catchy chorus to it’s fullest and uses it to soar over the now familiar Lightwaves Big Room sound. It’s a party sound with a hint of the Balearic for pure summery vibe. Jan’s thick stabs and sparkling keys just make this such an uplifting tune. Like proper warm weather DancePop with a big club groove. Do you know what hot girls dance to? Well, I do…it’s this!

St. Lucia – Closer Than This (Lightwaves reMix)

St. Lucia’s self-titled EP is out now.

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Queen Of Hearts reMixed by Lightwaves


Only a matter of days after reining ElectroPop royalty Queen Of Hearts premiered her new single ‘Neon’ are we treated to one of the companion reMixes. First to man-up to the challenge of polishing what is already sparkling is Lightwaves. If anyone can do it Jan (ex-Yes giantess!) can.

No wishing to compete with the full-on ElectroPop powerhouse that is the original, Lightwaves takes a more laidback route with this mix. Reigning in the tempo gives the track a whole new feel. Whereas in the original, the Queen’s vocals were like the velvet glove to the noisy synths iron fist, here alongside Jan’s chilled synth groove they are allowed to be as silky smooth as they want. Suddenly Queen Of Hearts becomes a husky, breathy chanteuse accompanied by Lightwaves broken beats and twisting synths. Other reMixes on the new single come correct from the legend that is Mark Reeder, Tropical man of the moment Perseus, ­­Ghost Beach and Dubstepper DYM. Not that I’m saying we had anything to do with the Queen Of Hearts/Mark Reeder matchmaking, but we did, and now they’re sitting in a tree, R.E.M.IX.I.N.G.! Who’s next?

Queen Of Hearts – Neon (Lightwaves reMix)

‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ is out now as a limited 7” single and digitally with the bonus tracks ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘No More’.

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Arrival’ EP is out now, as is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which she features.

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Lightwaves & Channel Swimmer reMix Mausi


Remember a few weeks ago we posted about the new single from Newcastle IndiePop act Mausi, ‘Sol.’? Well, not the reMixes have hit, and they’re pretty special.

Ex-Yes Giantess main man Jan’s, under his new Lightwaves moniker, turns in an unsurprisingly awesome ElectroPop mix aimed straight at the dancefloor. Loaded with perfect synth melodies playing against a House piano riff and some big room beats, this is the second dancefloor destroying mix Lightwaves has dropped in as many weeks, looks like it’s going to be his year.  UK producer Channel Swimmer takes the tracks in a totally different direction with some smooth Funk influenced Chillwavey, reverb washed, niceness that soon evolves into a laid back summer Indie hit.

♫Mausi – Sol. (Lightwaves reMix)

♫ Mausi – Sol. (Channel Swimmer reMix)

‘Sol.’ is released 20th February.

Check out more from Mausi on SoundCloud.

She’s The Queen reMixed by Lightwaves

She's The Queen

Fresh from walking home with the big one at the electronic rumors awards ElectroPop duo She’s The Queen have dropped a brand new reMix of ‘The Way’ by  Lightwaves (Jan from Yes Giantess!).

Jan has taken the soulful Pop track and turned it into an Ibiza monster that would make Ministry Of Sound proud. Straight to the big room, the reMix balances Nu-Disco with a Balearic euphoria and some nice Electro inserts. Despite the vocal manipulation Lightwaves has managed to keep the feel of the track intact, but give it a new lease of superclub life. With the right push this tune could be storming the clubs this summer,

She’s The Queen – The Way (Lightwaves reMix)

She’s The Queen self-titled début EP is out now.

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Lightwaves just happens to be the solo project of Jan Rosenfeld, front-man of the awesome Boston Indie-Electropoppers Yes Giantess, getting his Electro Disco groove on.

His first track ‘Working All Day’ is an amalgamation of Electro styles, mixing up a bit of Robo Disco, a bit of French Touch, a bit of ElectroPop into a happy summer hit. Jan’s got a strong ear for how to rock the dancefloor and ‘Working All Day’ dips and peaks just where it’s supposed to, carrying you along with the cut-up vocoder vocals.

Lightwaves – Working All Day

Check out Lightwaves official website for news of his forthcoming EP.

Lightwaves @ Official Website

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