[Audio] Lightwaves’ ‘Starting To Believe’



It looks like one of our favourite producers, Lightwaves, is finally ready to hit the big time. Lightwaves music has come in dips over the past couple of years, including a reMix of She’s The Queen’s Talk To Me, electronic rumors first single release. The ex-Yes Giantess man Jan Rosenfeld is back, this time with a full band, has launched a brand new single, a new fuller ElectroPop sound, and what promised to be the start of a stratospheric career.

It;s really Jan’s vocals that push this over the edge from being infection, euphoric ElectroPop into the realms of true anthem. The meeting of huge, emotive, synth riffs, epic, impassioned vocals and a driving rhythm section make this one of those songs that delivers an emotional rush as well as making you want to get up out of your seat. American, post Indie-Electro, SynthPop at it’s finest.

♫ Lightwaves – Starting To Believe

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