[Audio] Lightwaves’ ‘Returned’



It seems that not only is Lightwaves back, but he (now they) is back with a vengeance. It was only just before X-Mas that they released their first record, both in ages and as a band, Starting To Believe; which was swiftly followed by an awesome reMix from Fear Of Tigers. Now, with 2014 barley a couple of weeks old, Lightwaves releases Returned. Are you sitting down? ‘Cos the DC outfit have dropped another huge slab of SynthPop to knock you off of your feet.

By now Lightwaves modus-operandi is familiar. Heavyweight retro synth riffs, unobtrusive Indie guitar, powerfully driving rhythm section and those anthemic, passionate vocals; are all present and correct on Returned. With just a hint of a SynthWave-esque 80s slant the track shows off a clean, crisp Indie-Electro sound put in place with precision production and a razor sharp sound pallet. Whilst maybe not reaching the epic heights of last month’s Starting To Believe, Returned is an adequate compliment to that track; exploring Lightwaves’ live, rawer, side.

♫ Lightwaves – Returned

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