Queen Of Hearts reMixed by Lightwaves


Only a matter of days after reining ElectroPop royalty Queen Of Hearts premiered her new single ‘Neon’ are we treated to one of the companion reMixes. First to man-up to the challenge of polishing what is already sparkling is Lightwaves. If anyone can do it Jan (ex-Yes giantess!) can.

No wishing to compete with the full-on ElectroPop powerhouse that is the original, Lightwaves takes a more laidback route with this mix. Reigning in the tempo gives the track a whole new feel. Whereas in the original, the Queen’s vocals were like the velvet glove to the noisy synths iron fist, here alongside Jan’s chilled synth groove they are allowed to be as silky smooth as they want. Suddenly Queen Of Hearts becomes a husky, breathy chanteuse accompanied by Lightwaves broken beats and twisting synths. Other reMixes on the new single come correct from the legend that is Mark Reeder, Tropical man of the moment Perseus, ­­Ghost Beach and Dubstepper DYM. Not that I’m saying we had anything to do with the Queen Of Hearts/Mark Reeder matchmaking, but we did, and now they’re sitting in a tree, R.E.M.IX.I.N.G.! Who’s next?

Queen Of Hearts – Neon (Lightwaves reMix)

‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ is out now as a limited 7” single and digitally with the bonus tracks ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘No More’.

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Arrival’ EP is out now, as is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which she features.

Buy Queen Of Hearts’ music from:


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