[Audio] Fear Of Tigers reMixes Lightwaves’ ‘Starting To Believe’



Earlier this week we gushed about the surprise new tune from the awesome Lightwaves, Starting To Believe. Well, it just gets better. Not only is the song a massive EelctroPop monster that is destined to put the newly band-ed Lightwaves on the map (finally!) but here comes a reMix from the one and only Fear Of Tigers. Can it get any better?

Fear Of Tigers goes large with this one. Recognising and enhancing the anthemic qualities of the original, Fear Of Tigers up the drama with massive chainsaw synth riffs and juggernaut drums. Set for peak time in the big room, this one compels you to move yourself, and even suggest a little hands-in-the-air might be appropriate. Powerful and pumping, this is about as huge as ElectroPop can get without bursting at the seams. With a hint of a retro groove in the sweeping chords, easing in an undercurrent of nostalgia, this is one reMix that won’t be ignored.

♫ Lightwaves – Starting To Believe (Fear Of Tigers reMix)

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