Lazerhawk’s new tune


We haven’t heard much from SynthWave master Lazerhawk in a while, not really since his stunning Visitors album. The Austin based synth guru has just unleashed a new tune, it’s a collaboration with artist Dave Rapoza for a coming he’s creating called Skull And Shark, and it’s a moody affair.

Simply titled Skull And Shark, this theme is full of dramatic tension. Falling sparely in the Horror side of SynthWave Lazerhawk plays with haunting melodies and spine tingling lead lines. Amidst the distant sound of thunder and rain, baroque synths juxtapose with grinding riffs and alien keys atop a pounding Italo backing. Pure Halloween synthetics.

♫ Lazerhawk – Skull And Shark

Lazerhawk’s Visitors album is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

Buy Lazerhawk’s music from:

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