Lazerhawk’s new tune


We haven’t heard much from SynthWave master Lazerhawk in a while, not really since his stunning Visitors album. The Austin based synth guru has just unleashed a new tune, it’s a collaboration with artist Dave Rapoza for a coming he’s creating called Skull And Shark, and it’s a moody affair.

Simply titled Skull And Shark, this theme is full of dramatic tension. Falling sparely in the Horror side of SynthWave Lazerhawk plays with haunting melodies and spine tingling lead lines. Amidst the distant sound of thunder and rain, baroque synths juxtapose with grinding riffs and alien keys atop a pounding Italo backing. Pure Halloween synthetics.

♫ Lazerhawk – Skull And Shark

Lazerhawk’s Visitors album is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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Miami Nights 1984’s second album

miami nights 1984

In the early hours of the morning, when the only folk out and about were the nighthawks and the freaks, SynthWave legend Miami Nights 1984 released his sophomore album, his follow up to 2010’s ‘Early Summer’ on Rosso Corsa Records.

Titled ‘Turbulence’ this is one release that has been eagerly, eagerly, awaited around electronic rumors towers and from the intro peice of ‘MN84 theme’ onward it doesn’t disappoint. The albums first track proper, ‘Clutch’ is the prefect opener, and the perfect signpost for what to expect within the rest of the record. Robotic Italo grooves layered with lush emotional, synths, tracks that tell a story and take you along on that narrative and soaring synth solos that take tracks stratospheric. This is the ‘80’s repacked to rock both modern dancefloors and modern minds. It would be hard to pick standout tracks amongst the 12 that make up ‘Turbulence’ as they are all stormers, and there’s a variety of moods contained within. You’ve got your big power driving tracks like ‘Ocean Drive’ and ‘ Phone Tag‘ that truly exemplify Outrun Electro, there are ‘get in the car and drive into the night’ tunes. Then there’s the quitter, more atmospheric peices, such as ‘Astral Projection’. Where this album differs from the SynthWave classic ‘Early Summer’ is the injection of late 80’s, early’90’s dance music influences in the form of FM post-House basslines and orchestral hits on tracks like ‘Streets Of Fire’, we’ve made no apologies in the past about being orchestral hit lovers ,so this new facet of Miami Nights 1984 is definitely welcome. For me, the album centrepiece, ‘New Tomorrow’ sums up what ‘Turbulence’ is doing, it’s an evocative, rich peice in the place where Italo and ‘80’s electronic TV music meet. Emotional, yet danceable. Nostalgic, yet contemporary. The Germans call it SynthWave, The Rosso Corsa crew have always called it Outrun, In LA they invented Dreamwave just to be able to call it something. The retro synth scene has never really found a tag that has stuck, but I don’t think they care, but if there isn;t a name that expresses the scene as a whole, then at least there is an album, ‘Turbulence’ is the archetypal  SynthWave album, it just sums up everything about retro, soundtrack influenced, synth music now, and where it;s headed in the future.

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – High Beams

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Saved By The Bell

‘Turbulence’ is out now.

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Lazerhawk’s ‘Visitors’ album


To say Lazerhawk’s second album, ‘Visitors’ had been long, and eagerly awaited is a bit of an understatement. For a while now the Austin based SynthWave wizard has been teasing us with EPs and tracks, hinting at what the full thirteen track galactic odyssey would hold. Well, the wait is over.

And ‘Visitors’ was worth the wait, it’s a retro synth soundtrack masterpiece, and one of those records that should be taken in as a whole, the overriding thematic structure of this collection of Sci-Fi instrumentals works as a definite narrative. A journey on a cosmic scale played out amongst the sweeping synths and Italo beats. I don’t usually like reviewing albums track-by-track, it makes for boring reading and is a bit lazy, but there are a few songs on ‘Visitors’ that i have to mention. The album kicks off with ‘Lazaerhawk’s Theme’. I can’t remember the last time I heard an album opener so perfectly chosen, the track both introduces you, in majestic fashion, and sets you up for the rest of the records. It’s a big, powerful opener with a sense of the ominous, which is just the right way to send the listener on their way through the album. This is a more mature album that Lazerhawk’s début, ‘Redline’, not only is the production stronger but the whole record feels more considered, this isn;’t just a collection of songs, Lazerhawk is trying to do something here. Of course, in amongst all this space age scoring there is still enough kick-ass Outrun Electro to keep you dancing. ‘Shoulder Of Orion’ is particularly full-on post-Italo SynthWave awesomeness, while ‘Disco Planet’ pays a visit to synthesizer Disco of the late ‘70’s and ‘Star Hustler’ is a pure Italo gold experience.. More than that though, ‘Visitors’ is about the story it has to tell, and what that conjures in the listeners imagination.

♫ Lazerhawk – Lazerhawk’s Theme

♫ Lazerhawk – Visitors

♫ Lazerhawk – Shoulder Of Orion

♫ Lazerhawk – Beyond The Infinite Void

♫ Lazerhawk – Star Hustler

‘Visitors’ is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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Jordan F’s ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ EP


Jordan F is fast becoming the Vangelis of the SynthWave world. After dropping a bunch of beach party tunes Jordan seems to have turned his attention to soundtracking a dystopian future, as he does in his latest EP for Rosso Corsa Records.

The ‘Summers of Tomorrow’ EP is a journey through rain the back streets of some megacity, bather on a neo glow with only the rain for company. The EP kick off with ‘Beginnings’ which, as you can imagine, is a sweeping, epic, title sequence peice, slow basslines, reminiscent of the ‘80’s ‘V’ are accompanied by some powerful melodic work that draws you in and sets you up for the other three tracks. ‘Abandoned Streets’ drops you right into the ‘plot’ of the EP, moody Italo beats and basslines and Sci-Fi synths convey the mood of Jordan’s future metropolis. His skilful melding of Italo, Outrun Electro and EBM allows him to create these Cyberpunk atmospheres in his tracks without ever becoming over-run by it, as with ‘Renegade’, you realise Jordan can evoke this BladeRunner-esque imagery, but never looses sight of just being a good song either. ‘Renegade’ is both narratively exciting and a damn good retro Italo tune. The EP wraps up with the title track, the rousing, hopeful, aftermath of the release. this has been an amazing year for Jordan F, having gone from Dreamwave newcomer to one of the big players of the SynthWave scene and a bit of a wizard behind the synths.

♫ Jordan F – Abandoned Streets

♫ Jordan F – Summers Of Tomorrow

The ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ EP will be available for free download on the Rosso Corsa Records Bandcamp soon.

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A new old track from Mitch Murder

mitch murder

An old track with a new twist now from Mitch Murder.

He must be riding high on the success of his new album, ‘Current Events’, (and well deserved too) ‘cos he’s given fans an early X-Mas present in the form of a remastered version of the opening track from his 2009 EP ‘After Hours’, ‘After Hours Run’. You probably know the track by now, pure Murder, epic dancefloor soundtrack SynthWave with that Mitch Murder quality of being able to speak to you, emotionally. With this new remaster the tune is founding fresher than ever.

Mitch Murder – After Hours Run (Remastered)

Mitch Murder’s ‘Current Events’ is out now.

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Something extra from Mitch Murder


I’m going to presume you have already bought Mitch Murder’s new album, ‘Current Events’, one of the albums of the year? If not, you should. if you have, here is something a little extra from the man.

‘Last Call’ is pure ‘80’s soulful ElectroPop. Deep sounds and the hint of synthesised electric guitar just bring to mind Jan Hammer’s moodier Miami Vice moments. With a bass sound that reminds me of Trevor Jones’ ‘Labyrinth’ soundtrack, the Florida licks and some sax moods coming into the finale there are so many movie moments I can see this track working in. From the hero brooding in the calm before the storm to the spotlight prom dance in a teen flick, this tune has just the right vibe.

Mitch Murder – Last Call

Mitch Murder’s ‘Current Events’ is out now.

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