Mitch Murder reMixes Lazerhawk


Oooo, this is exciting stuff. SynthWave guru Lazerhawk is gearing up for the release of his ‘Arrival’ EP, the Jordan F reMix has been rocking our worlds for a while now but we finally get to get our ears round Mitch Murder’s take on the track.

We’re still reeling from Mitch’s new album ‘Current Events’ (which just missed the top spot in our top albums of 2011) so we know the man is on top for right now, but once again he blows us away with this soaring slice of pure synthesizer joy. Unlike some electronic music producers who sit in front of Abelton firing off arpeggios, Mitch is a true musician. His mastery of layering and melody and his ability to capture an emotional mood in a synth dance track is second to none. This is what it sounds like in my brain all the time. Vangelis would be proud.

♫ Lazerhawk – Arrival (Mitch Murder reMix)

Lazerhawk’s new EP is out soon also featuring reMixes from Miami Nights 1984 and Jordan F.

Check out more from Lazerhawk on SoundCloud.

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