Keenhouse’s ‘Where I Belong’


Keenhouse has a new album on the way! Just take my word for it, this is pretty exciting news. Saying Keenhouse is one of the most musically gifted members of the Binary collective feels mean on the rest of them, we’re not trying to say they are less able, there is some amazing musical talent amongst the LA crew, but Keenhouse is just a wizard in front of a keyboard.

Where I Belong is the first single from the LP, a dreamy electronic trip with an almost psychedelic feel. it’s a track that really feels like the start of something special. we haven’t heard the album yet, but Where I Belong gives us the impression that the full length record will be more of a musical journey, each track flowing into the last, than a collection of club tunes. So, if this tune starts us off on out trek toward the album, it’s a gently start. Eastern percussion and smooth jazzy electric piano intertwine with swirling synths and a distant vocal as the track builds up to a danceflor synthesizer wig-out. If the album plays out like we think it will (read: amazing), it almost seems a shame to listen to the track outside of context, but it;s still the perfect tune for hot, lazy day.

Keenhouse – Where I Belong

Keenhouse’s Four Dreams album is released 4th September on Binary.

Buy Keenhouse’s music from:

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