[Audio] Keenhouse reMixes alloapm’s ‘Boy (Theme Of Boy)’



Tokyo DreamPop duo alloapm look set to release their track of last year, Boy (Theme Of Boy) along with some reMixes int he near future. It looks like Helter Skelter Records will be stepping up for release duties and out friend Keenhouse is getting in on the reMix action.

A slight departure from Keenhouse’s more recent, psychedelic, work, this reMix is loaded with retro gold. Lush SynthWave sounds play with Keenhouse’s knack for smooth Disco and a selection of 80s hooks. the pitched down vocals might have seemed out of place in this mix, but Keenhouse balances everything nicely, building a mood until the Boogie kicks in, then the whole track goes stratospheric.

♫ alloapm – Boy (Theme Of Boy) (Keenhouse reMix)

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[Audio] alloapm’s ‘Wavepop’ EP



Tokyo DreamPop outfit alloapm are no strangers to these pages, always delivering something a little left-field and a little funky. The duo have just got on-board with London’s Heavy Disco label and this week release their new EP, Wavepop. It’s four tracks worth of psychedelic, freeform and surprisingly emotive, synthetic DiscoPop.

The EP’s tracks have all been kicking around in one form or another for a while this year, but collected and mastered here give a nice immersive alloapam experience. Kicking off with Talking To My Radio, a synth buzzing, vocal warbling, retro grooving slice of musical sunshine. Weaving some experimental arrangements, alloapm layer a variety of robotic sounds and stripped back synth melodies with heavily modulated vocals but keep everything tight and upbeat with a number of summery lead lines. Midnight Cake takes on more of a laid back vibe, complimenting alloapm’s electronics with a wicked muted Disco lick and some hazy, almost Chillwavey vocals and probably comes the closes to contemporary Disco on the EP. The EP’s closing track, Malibu Club, gets it’s 80s groove on from the opening bar. This is a proper retro Pop song, aspirational and infectiously danceable, it;s thick vintage digital synth sounds pulsate away providing the perfect backing for some vintage Electronic Soul vocals and (what is essentially) the spiritual successor to Madonna’s Holiday, or maybe Wham!’s Club Tropicana, only weirder. Lush 80s Pop. the EP also comes equipped with a reMix of Talking To My Radio from Abelard and is definitely worth picking up.

♫ alloapm – Talking To My Radio

♫ alloapm – Midnight Cake

♫ alloapm (Feat. Kai Lavatai) – Malibu Club

alloapm’s Wavepop EP is out now.

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alloapm’s ‘LCY Likes Pineapple’


Madcap Tokoy ElectroPopsters alloapm are at it again. Dropping a brand new track on SoundColud, LCY Likes Pineapple, the band once again invites us into their funky, strange, world.

LCY Likes Pineapple hits like a wall of synth noise. If you listen carefully, amongst the mix there is layers and layers of synths,  from gritty buzzsaws to toytown plinks. It’s a track that’s much rawer than alloapm’s pervious output, but keeps a crazy groove and ends up being totally catchy. This is the kind of tune we’d love to see live, with two drummers and an orchestra of keytar players covering the multi levels of percussion and melody. Gritty, ballsy, infectious ElectroPop from Japan once again.

♫ alloapm – LCY Likes Pineapple (Demo.)

alloapm’s Gorilla Slighly single is out now.

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alloapm’s new single


Tokyo DreamPop outfit alloapm’s new single is being released on Sunlinxx next month. It;s easily their best track to date. Malc Yacob and Amelie Mirror Adnis finally seem to have found their sound and slotted comfortable into it. This is a much more polished, much more mature record than their previous tunes, and one that finally shows off their years of experience in electronic music.

‘Gorilla Slighly’ is a complex track that sounds really simple, and that’s a genius bit of work. All the best songs are simple groves and alloapm put off making an intricately programmed, multi layered tune feel like an easy riff. Big, thick, synths and jittery percussion ride over a solid Disco beat while some heavily modulated vocals deliver a smooth flow. It’s got a pretty unique sound, whilst still fitting the beach party Disco vibe. reMixes come from labelmates Keenhouse, who turn in a deep piano house mix. Keenhouse’s mix is killer. And Rhythm Droid with a dub heavy glitchy mix. Abelard rounds off the package with the big Dreamwave mix we were all waiting for, this is the one for summer good times. That’s how to do La Disco!

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly (Keenhouse Rework)

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly (Abelard reMix)

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Jules Schimmer reMixes alloapm


One of Manchester’s finest exports, Mr.  Jules Schimmer, has been working his retro synth magic once again, this time on Tokyo based DreamPop outfit alloapm. I almost called alloapm an ‘avant-garde DancePop outfit’, as they can get a little weird, but in a good way, and they never stop bringing the Disco, so we’ll just stick with ‘DancePop outfit’ for now and see how the post unfolds.

Anyway, Schimmer is riding high right now with a string of really top quality reMixes, and the on-going development of a bigger and bigger sound, bringing some hands-in-the-air to it’s ‘80’s core. Unfortunately most of the time it’s buried away on SoundCloud. Seriously, more people need to hear JS’ tracks, I think the word underrated really does apply here, the word on Schimmer needs to get out. Just take this new track, like I said, hands-in-the-air with an ‘80’s core. And over the bouncy retro bassline the epic stuff gets really epic. Beautifully orchestrated strings that weave in an out of a piercing lead line lift the track up to such heights and play around the highly effected vocals to produce a track with a huge scope. nostalgic and majestic at the same time. Jules Schimmer, like an ‘80’s movie, brings laughter, tears and eventual triumph in just under five mins of uplifting ElectroPop.

alloapm – Di Di Di Da Da Da (Jules Schimmer reMix)

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