alloapm’s new single


Tokyo DreamPop outfit alloapm’s new single is being released on Sunlinxx next month. It;s easily their best track to date. Malc Yacob and Amelie Mirror Adnis finally seem to have found their sound and slotted comfortable into it. This is a much more polished, much more mature record than their previous tunes, and one that finally shows off their years of experience in electronic music.

‘Gorilla Slighly’ is a complex track that sounds really simple, and that’s a genius bit of work. All the best songs are simple groves and alloapm put off making an intricately programmed, multi layered tune feel like an easy riff. Big, thick, synths and jittery percussion ride over a solid Disco beat while some heavily modulated vocals deliver a smooth flow. It’s got a pretty unique sound, whilst still fitting the beach party Disco vibe. reMixes come from labelmates Keenhouse, who turn in a deep piano house mix. Keenhouse’s mix is killer. And Rhythm Droid with a dub heavy glitchy mix. Abelard rounds off the package with the big Dreamwave mix we were all waiting for, this is the one for summer good times. That’s how to do La Disco!

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly (Keenhouse Rework)

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly (Abelard reMix)

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