Gazella’s ‘Goodbye’


Brennnessel is a new label run by Polish ElectroPop trio Kamp!, one of their first releases is ‘Goodbye’ from fellow Pole Tomasz Jamroz A.K.A. Gazella.

Straight-up deep and moody SynthPop, ‘Goodbye’. With a strong line of ‘80’s Pop DNA running through it the track is sparse with the vocals, but that sits nicely with it’s spacious sound. Like a Disco in a dungeon, ‘Goodbye’ combines a funky groove with cold, cavernous production. Awkoder, up the retro stakes even higher with a Pet Shop Boys-esque bassline and a hint of Blue Monday, on their SynthWave reMix, culminating in a soaring synth-guitar solo.

♫ Gazella – Goodbye

Gazella – Goodbye (Awkoder reMix)

The ‘Goodbye’ EP  is out this week on Brennnessel.

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