Kamp!’s ‘Cairo’ video

Here’s the video for the new Kamp! single ‘Cairo’.

We’ve already raved about the single, now check out director Marcel Sawicki’s visuals.

‘Cairo’ is released 9th September on DIscotexas with reMixes from Social Disco Club, JBAG and Moullinex.

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Kamp!’s new single and JBAG reMix

kampWe haven’t heard much from Polish SynthPop trio Kamp! single mid last year, but they make a storming return next month with a new single on none other than Discotexas!

‘Cairo’ is more smooth Dreamwave flavoured retro pop than ‘Hearts’, their smash of last year, although with that track you could hear that they were heading in this direction. Cool Disco guitar licks are added to their sound which ads a layer of Funk to the slick summery ElectroPop and the Spandau vocals. London’s ElectroPop DJ kings JBAG are on the mix for the single with a bouncy, pitch perfect, dancefloor ElectroPop track with an absolute killer bassline that you won’t be able to help yourself moving to.

♫ Kamp! – Cairo

♫ Kamp! – Cairo (JBAG reMix)

‘Cairo’ is released 9th September on DIscotexas.

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Kamp!; Polish SynthPop


Kamp! are a Polish SynthPop act who have just released their new single, ‘Heats’, on Brennessel.

The single is an impassioned classic SynthPop tune with a touch of Nu-Disco in it’s bassline. ‘Heats’ is an intricate retro styles Pop song with a little hint of Spandau Ballet about it. The B-side, ‘Distance Of The Modern Hearts’ is more upbeat and an awesome collision between classic, pure 80’s Pop and Nu-Disco. Defiantly a band to keep an eye, or ear,  on!

Kamp! – Heats

Kamp! – Distance Of The Modern Hearts

‘Heats’ is out now.

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