[Audio] Kamp!’s ‘Early Days’



Big news from the Kamp! camp. Out favourite Polish ElectroPoppers have joined the Cascine camp. That’s a lot of camp; to paraphrase that shark movie (no, not Sharknado 2) “we’re gonna’ need a bigger tent!”. The guys are gearing up to release their brand new EP with the lovely Cascine folk later this month. A three track affair titled Baltimore. Here’s your first taste of what to expect in the forms of the track Early Days.

Fittingly, Early Days sounds like Kamp! Cascine-ified. With a little shuffling 90s vibe injected into their usually 80s SynthPoppieness and a whole load of reverb to snuggle up to. Sounding a little moodier, and a little hazier, that they have previously is no bad thing as Kamp! whip! up a smokey symphony of harsh synths with the corners sanded down and Industrial purcussion with a featherlight touch. Slap on some distant, lamenting vocals and you’ve got something unexpected, but quite exciting, coming from the Kamp! camp.

♫ Kamp! – Early Days

Kamp!’s Baltimore EP is released 28th August.

Buy Kamp!’s music from:

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