Jules Schimmer reMixes alloapm


One of Manchester’s finest exports, Mr.  Jules Schimmer, has been working his retro synth magic once again, this time on Tokyo based DreamPop outfit alloapm. I almost called alloapm an ‘avant-garde DancePop outfit’, as they can get a little weird, but in a good way, and they never stop bringing the Disco, so we’ll just stick with ‘DancePop outfit’ for now and see how the post unfolds.

Anyway, Schimmer is riding high right now with a string of really top quality reMixes, and the on-going development of a bigger and bigger sound, bringing some hands-in-the-air to it’s ‘80’s core. Unfortunately most of the time it’s buried away on SoundCloud. Seriously, more people need to hear JS’ tracks, I think the word underrated really does apply here, the word on Schimmer needs to get out. Just take this new track, like I said, hands-in-the-air with an ‘80’s core. And over the bouncy retro bassline the epic stuff gets really epic. Beautifully orchestrated strings that weave in an out of a piercing lead line lift the track up to such heights and play around the highly effected vocals to produce a track with a huge scope. nostalgic and majestic at the same time. Jules Schimmer, like an ‘80’s movie, brings laughter, tears and eventual triumph in just under five mins of uplifting ElectroPop.

alloapm – Di Di Di Da Da Da (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Buy alloapm’s music from:

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